More than friends: Harbleu and Ajax join NRG Overwatch

You guys saw this coming... We are so excited to finally announce that Anthony "Harbleu" Ballo has joined the team as our flex player, and Alex "Ajax" Jackson are joining us as support and in game leader...

ISKYS Joins the NRG Family as For Honor Player

One thing that is a priority to NRG is helping support the growth and development of new and rising video game communities. We see for honor as an incredible game with a passionate community, and we see Ricky "Skys" as an incredible player that is a perfect fit for our organization. 

"Feels great knowing a gamer like myself filled with energy is joining team NRG! Excited for the great things to come in the future with you guys"

--Ricky "Skys" Colon

“We’re thrilled to have Ricky join the NRG Family. He’s an incredible competitor and personality. We love the growth we’ve seen in the For Honor community and see him as an incredible champion for the game and it’s competitive scene.”

--Brett Lautenbach. President NRG


Back in the Game! NRG welcomes Hafu


Today NRG continues to expand its competitive Hearthstone roster with the addition of Hafu. Hafu has long been an incredible competitor in the esports community. We’re thrilled to have her compete alongside our growing roster of Hearthstone pro players including Amnesiac, Amaz, Dude7597.

The Weekend Ahead - 5th Jan 17

This week we take a high resolution focus on the Hi-Rez Expo in Atlanta, where our Smite team will be taking the stage to fight for the World Championship!


NRG to sell LCS Slot

Today NRG is announcing that J2K Esports and Technology LLC has purchased our League of Legends Challenger slot and will operate it under the name Gold Coin United.  J2K are owned by New York City real estate icon James ‘Jimmy’ Kuhn and his son, LA-based Jake Kuhn.


The Week (end) Ahead - 1st December

Welcome to the first ever Week (end) ahead! Each week we’ll be giving all of the family a rundown of what’s coming up in the world of NRG Esports. We’ll also give you some insight into what gets the players excited to play, players to watch, and what you can expect from the #NRGFAM in upcoming tournaments.