Last week was our first two match week of Stage 4 as we went up against the Shanghai Dragons on Friday and Dallas Fuel on Sunday. But before the serious business went down, old friend Babybay helped Super with his look for the Overwatch League Variety red carpet event last Tuesday. After a night of fun hanging with pop and TV stars, the boys were back on the grind to take on Stage 3 foe, the Shanghai Dragons.

The first map against Shanghai on Friday was as close as it gets, but with calm and purposeful play we managed to clutch out the win. From there, we rode the momentum with big plays including a huge barrage from Rascal and came out on top with a relatively easy 3-1 victory. With just a day between matches, our guys didn’t have a ton of time to reset, but they did take it upon themselves to make their own food in that off day… see the result here!

Then it was on to face the Fuel on Sunday. It's always a bad idea to plan a local watch party when you team is playing the Shock, and Dallas learned their lesson in short order on Sunday. This one was over before it began. Rascal and Architect popped off as expected and it was good to see our MVP candidates Sinatraa and Super come in for a couple maps to remind everyone how great they are in any format the league throws at us! Don’t forget to vote them your #OWLMVP’s!

An easy 4-0 match win against Dallas, Rascal’s former team, brings us to 4-0 in the Stage. Undefeated so far! With a playoff spot secure, now it’s all about seedings for stage and overall playoffs as we hit the halfway point of the final stage of the season. And remember, to get in on all this action in our home San Francisco Market next year, sign up here and be the first to know about the Shock’s 2020 schedule and tickets to be announced at the end of the month!


Nairo headed to Smash Con this weekend and sought to reclaim the title of champion he won back to back in 2016 and 2017. And Nairo went hard for it, competing in Brawl, Smash 4, and Ultimate singles AND doubles which made for some really long days!  Day 3 was where the real Nairo was unleashed in Ultimate Singles. 

Starting with Top 64, Nairo won two in a row to advance to the Top 16 Winner’s Bracket. After a CLOSE game against Marss, he won his next match in the lower bracket and moved on to Top 8. In some of the best Smash we’ve seen all year, Nairo’s journey ended in the Top 6, after he fought hard against but lost to the reigning EVO champ MKLeo. It was great seeing Nairo perform so well and and congrats to our Smash stud on his Smashies award for Best Comeback of the year!

unnamed (49).jpg


After the incredible success for us and Fortnite at the World Cup, things got back to a normal grind last week as Benjy took another crack at Friday Fortnite and came in clutch with some sick plays like this zipline scope. The real story though, was an almost unanimous opinion among the community about mechs in Fortnite as fans around the game all let their voices be heard around social media to remove them. The guys will be back in action at Fortnite Comps the next two weekends so stay tuned to NRG social for details!

Huge news on the Apex front too as they just announced that Apex Legends solos will be coming soon to the game. We are excited to see Dizzy and the boys rip it up!


Happy birthday to our own Grady, and also to 2/3 of the Rocket League team- JSTN and Turbopolsa! Those two will join GarrettG this weekend at the Rocket League Beyond the Summit in LA. Also, congrats to Benjy for 200K followers on twitter, and congrats to us on passing 700K followers on NRG Instagram!!!!!

NRG CURRENT: The Endgame is here...

A quick note to celebrate corporate milestones and our insane social growth in the month of July. NRG instagram (@NRGgram) grew by 150,000 followers in the 31 days of July. That is a bigger follower count than most orgs out there. NRG twitter saw 1.4M engagements on our timeline in July and NRG youtube had our first 1M view videos and added 36,000 subscribers. July also saw the completion of NRG's acquisition of brand partnership agency, Ader out of LA, and the close of the first round of our Series C financing. Wow. What a month! And now the highlights...


After announcing an exciting new sponsorship with Marvel Studios to promote Avengers: Endgame throughout Stage 4, the Shock got down to business looking to improve to 2-0 this stage. For the first time since Stage 1 of OWL 2019, we faced off against the LA Gladiators and we certainly had something to prove. Between the new 2-2-2 lock, forcing shakeup in our line-up, and the fact that the Gladiators gave us a rare taste of defeat early in this season, there were doubts we could win this match. But the Shock have shown they will do whatever it takes to win, and the stakes were high on Saturday as victory would clinch a top 6 playoff spot, a first round bye and a cool $200,000!

We dropped the first map but that just added fuel to the fire, because in map 2 we full held on Hanamura and proceeded to capture within the first minute! After halftime King’s Row was full of excitement as it went into overtime and each fight could be a map loss for either team. The Gladiators ended up taking Map 3, but a solid run on Havana took us to a deciding map 5 on Lijiang. In 2 impressive rounds the Shock boys secured the win and clinched Top 6 overall rankings and a first round bye for the playoffs to the Big Dance in Philly end of September.

And while the team fought hard in Burbank, our fans showed support in San Jose at the San Jose Earthquakes Gamer Night. Fans got to meet Nevix, play games on portable setups, and watch the Shock Match on the field on the big screen! We’d like to take a moment to thank all our fans for your support. Whether you’ve been with us from the beginning or have joined our family recently, you make all the hard work worth it! If you haven’t yet, make sure you join us when we bring these matches to Northern Californian next year. Sign up for more info on tickets for home festival matches for Shock2020!


Nairo and Hook went high rolling in Vegas at this year’s EVO.  Hook battled hard throughout the DBZ Tournament but came up short of his stated goal ending with a top 32 finish.  Nairo was once again a star among stars in the Smash community as he made his way around Mandalay Bay and as usual he put on a show for fans.  He made a deep run through the weekend but finished 17th, falling to rival Marss whom he deems “his kryptonite”.  No rest for the weary though as Nairo is back on the road for Smash Con in Virginia this week! Stay tuned to NRG Current for details!


Dizzy, Mohr, and Ace headed to the X Games Apex Invitational at the new US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis this past weekend to represent NRG. The event brought in the best players from around the planet for a pre-season warm up to a full competitive slate for Apex with the the boys taking 13th place. We are honored to have been chosen for this invitational and look forward to continued success in Apex.

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Happy 17th birthday to Mr. 1.2m Epikwhale! We hope you get yourself something nice with those winnings! Mr. Savage has a new creator code! Use code 200IQ in the Fortnite item shop for a discount. And finally, congrats to our former Smite player and NRG world champ Adapting on his engagement! Once #nrgfam, always #nrgfam!

NRG Current: NRG Drops in and Delivers... 2.25 Million Dollars!!!

Last weekend was an incredible moment in time to be an esports, Fortnite and NRG fan. The World Cup took place over the course of three days at Arthur Ashe Stadium in New York City and was watched by millions of fans around the world. The entire NRG competitive Fortnite squad double qualified in both Singles and Duos for the world's best-of-the-best competition.
On Saturday, NRG Zayt kicked off the duos competition with his partner Ghost Saf by taking the first Victory Royale of a 6 round point-based tournament. Zayt and Saf held on to the #1 spot for over 3 hours and the first five rounds before tripping up at the very end and dropping to fourth overall, but pulling in a cool $900k for the squad in the process. NRG names were all over the duos leader board with EpikWhale and partner taking 12th and fan favorites MrSavage and Benjyfish taking 14th. Sunday brought the main event to NYC, the solos championship. EpikWhale, who signed with us shortly before the World Cup began and who qualified with a computer he built on a street sign, played consistent and intelligent Fortnite staying in striking distance of the leaders heading into the 6th and final found where he made his move. The 16 year old straight A student from Rodondo Beach, CA destroyed the final round picking up huge points and moving into 3rd place on the leaderboard when the dust settled, securing our biggest purse of the weekend at $1,200,000! Benjyfishy and Mr.Savage again won the hearts of fans with their play and personality during the event finishing strong and picking up more total cash for NRG.

unnamed (40).jpg
unnamed (39).jpg

NRG's huge rise in popularity was never more evident than in the lead up the World Cup as NRG held a meet and greet sponsored by Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs at the 368 Gaming Studio in Tribeca where more than 1,000 fans turned out to meet Symfuhny, benjyfishy, MrSavage, EpikWhale, and Zayt. Guests were treated to hot dogs from our sponsors (hand delivered by our own Andy Miller) and even though it was humid, hot, and lasted for more than 3 hours, our guys loved every second of it and were incredibly humbled to meet all of their fans. This really was a seminal week for NRG, as our social channels picked up tens of thousands of fans, we sold a bunch of merch, hit our first 1M view YouTube video and showed up strong with on site fan activities and brand activations. NRG ON TOP!

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After being dominant in the GOATS meta for the first 3 stages of the season, the Overwatch League implemented a 2-2-2 role lock consisting of two tanks, two damage, and two supports at the beginning of Stage 4.  Not gonna lie, a lot of people counted us out with this meta shift so late in the season. But in our first match against the Seoul Dynasty, we again claimed victory in convincing 3-1 fashion with Sinatraa still playing like an MVP.  Oh, and we also took home the Nighthawk Router Rumble belt for the second time in a row! 

While winning was not new this season, there were some new faces in the line-up as Striker, Architect, and Smurf all made appearances over the 4 maps after sitting on the bench all season. When we built this roster at the end of season one, our main goal was to include a deep bench to cover any meta possibility, and so far the strategy is paying off!

Lastly, the Shock’s fingerprints are all over the recently announced USA World Cup Team, as former players Sleepy and Danteh will join Moth, Super and Sinatraa on the Squad! Team USA is Team Shock. Very proud to have our boys rep the stars and stripes.

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NRG Never Sleeps ...
No rest for the weary as NRG will be all over the map again this weekend.

Nairo and HookGangGod will be competing at EVO (Evolution Championship Series) this weekend starting August 2nd at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. Perhaps the most prestigious fighting game event of the year, the guys have been training hard and both say they are in top form and ready to go. And Nairo could be getting some extra love as Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has secured their spot in primetime and will be the featured event as the tournament wraps up on Sunday; a spot reserved for the biggest esports title at the time of the event! In addition, a camera crew from Nintendo will be following Nairo around all weekend. Also, about 1500 miles away, Dizzy, Ace and Mohr will invade the new U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis for Apex Legends at the X-Games! Broadcast live on ESPN all weekend, this is yet again another big platform for esports and NRG will be at the forefront.

NRG Current: Here To Stay

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Stage 3 said a lot about who we are. With the meta shifting, the Shock lost a couple of matches earlier in the stage and everyone began to doubt the Stage 2 champs.   In fact, by the time Stage 3 playoffs rolled around we were inexplicably touted as  “underdogs”.  But the squad built off of our stage 1 runner-up and stage 2 championship experiences, stayed together as a unit, worked with the coaching staff and easily took down Seoul Dynasty in the opening round of the playoffs!  Next up was the LA Valiant in the semis as we destroyed our in-state rivals with a 4-0 sweep to advance to a record-tying third straight Stage finals and another victory to hold on to the Cal Cup.  So it was onto the stage finals where we met the Shanghai Dragons, a squad that had downed all the other top seeds in the tournament with their unpredictable strats and DPS comps.  

After gambling with a brand new starting line up the boys quickly found themselves down 0-3 in the best of seven series. With no answer and a series sweep at hand, our boys dug down deep. An impressive hold on Havana highlighted a hard fought comeback that saw us roll map after map back on the Dragons and tie the score at 3 games a piece. With a national tv audience on espn2 glued to their screen, word spread of the game 7 on twitch and the streaming audience spiked 50% in the last 30 minutes of the match.  For the second time this season, Game 7 would decide the Stage champs for the Shock!  It was a close affair, but Shanghai took Dorado (the map they chose) and they now hold the title of Stage 3 champions

Even with a loss, the Shock did indeed show the world exactly who we are; the most consistent team in Overwatch and clearly the best team throughout the first three stages.  No doubts.  The league is shaking things up and changing the way the game will be played in Stage 4 so our team has a lot of work ahead, but we are confident and prepping every day to be ready to show the world we are #heretostay and reach the Grand Finals in September in Philly. See u there!

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While the Overwatch League Stage 3 playoffs were happening in Burbank, the CSGO boys were going hard at the invite only Blast Pro Series down the road in LA. Tarik even took some time to show his support for the Shock! It was a long weekend of competing nonstop that began with four best of one matches soon Day 1. The boys had a few back and forth affairs but placed second when the dust settled and qualified for the semis on Sunday.  Our semifinals game was against Faze, and it was close, but our squad didn’t get it done and ended up getting knocked out. The semifinals curse continues, but we have no doubt that once Stanislaw gets firmly in the mix (Blast was only their 2nd tourney together) our boys will break free of it soon!  Our path to the MAJOR starts this week with the American Minors qualifier. Stay tuned...

unnamed (36).jpg


Big weekend as BenjyFishy, Savage, and Zayt competed in the cash cup trios. On Saturday Benjy and Savage took home 5th alongside Mongraal. Zayt shot to the top of the leaderboard with Saf and Bizzle and later remained at the top Sunday winning North American bragging rights. We are also just getting back from a terrific shoot with BenjyFishy and his mom in their hometown of England. We look forward to sharing that story socially soon!

unnamed (37).jpg


On July 8th we welcomed the newest member of the NRG fam into the world! Congrats to our art director Gomey on becoming a dad to baby Leighton. #NRGFam. And, if you are in the area, make sure you catch our very own Nairo, GarrettG, and Nevix at the Cal State Fair this weekend! For more information, see the event site. They will also be heading to the Giants vs. Cubs game on Monday to help promote their upcoming gaming night, NRG and tickets for Shock home matches in 2020! We know Tiesto is ready...


unnamed (10).png
unnamed (31).jpg


This was a bittersweet Dreamhack run for our Rocket League trio. Prior to the competition, Fireburner announced he would be retiring as a competitor in order to focus on other projects and coaching. No doubt, GarrettG and JSTN wanted to send the greatest competitor ever to play Rocket League off in style. But after falling to River Rats early, they had to climb through the lower bracket including a rematch with the world champs, Vitality. Oh, and did we mention the fire alarm that interrupted our match (Spoiler: we still won behind a clean sweep of the Cup holders). Lucky for us, this final match reignited a spark in Fireburner as he performed above and beyond and carried the team to the Grand Finals! The boys went out with a second place finish, but showed everyone just how special these three players have been over the years. We are very grateful for all the years Fireburner has spent with us as a player and a person. He will always be a big part of our #NRGFAM!

unnamed (32).jpg


With our new in game leader Stanislaw on board, the boys took their shot at ESL One this past week.  With only a week to prepare, they were already looking like a cohesive unit and and with a second round victory over Faze we clinched an automatic playoff spot.  Team Liquid would be our first opponent in an NA #1 vs NA #2 faceoff; the perfect way to start the 4th of July!  It was a close match, but Team Liquid came out ahead in the end. The boys had one more shot to advance against a red hot Vitality squad, but they unfortunately knocked us out of the tournament.  Overall, it was a terrific first run for the new look CS squad with Stan leading the charge.  By all accounts, the future is very bright for NRG CSGO who are back at it at the Blast Pro series in LA this weekend! Let us know if you want to attend. We will have a big NRG contingency in LA for this one... and...


With the Atlanta Reign hosting their homestand this past weekend, the team got a week off from matches to prep for their third run in a row at stage playoffs! While Widow and Torb battles ensued in Atlanta the guys were at home grinding with the occasional break for Summer fun! The Shock open up the Stage 3 playoffs on Friday against Seoul Dynasty in a #NoLagCrew rematch! Come down and root us on this weekend for a double dip of NRG/Shock LA tourney action.

Also - keep an eye out in the near future for the Overwatch League MVP candidates- there’s a good chance you’ll see some Shock in the lineup!


The final match of the season for Clash Royale took place on Friday and Thunder brought it home with a rampage on KOTH to secure another win for team NRG! And lastly, Nairo’s Ganon merch is now on sale! Get yours now at!



Another stage, another spot in the Overwatch League Playoffs secured for our boys from the Bay. On Thursday, we played one of the most exciting matches of the stage against the Chengdu Hunters. We got to see a lot of Sinatraa’s Sombra as well as the fattest shatter bomb combo on Eichenwalde. It was a 5 map thriller of a match that the unconventional Hunters finally took in the end. But in impressive style, the Shock quickly put that loss behind them to prepare for a playoff clinching match against the defending champion London Spitfire on Sunday.

To celebrate this last match of the stage, fans gathered at the San Jose Improv theater for our South Bay Bash Watch Party paid ticketed event! London put up a good fight, but by map 3 we did what we came to do, clinched a spot in the playoffs, and then proceeded to get the 4-0 sweep! This was an especially big game for Rascal, who got to play against and beat his former teammates for the first time.

Next week we have a bye while the Atlanta Reign host their homestand, but we’ll be back and ready to roll the following week for Stage 3 Playoffs! In the meantime if you need your Shock fix, check out our newest YouTube uploads and look out for our Ballistix Banter series on Twitter! And congratulations to our very own NineK for being chosen as South Korea’s assistant coach for the Overwatch World Cup. Team KR is now in even better hands as he joins Head Coach Crusty on the Shock dominated coaching staff!


HookGangGod and Nairo competed at CEO in Florida last weekend. Hook started off with a double perfect in his first match- as he did not take a single hit of damage on any fighter! He breezed through Top 64 and made it into the Top 16 Winner’s Bracket.  Facing a tough lineup of SonicFox and Kazunoko, Hook was unable to advance, ending his run in the Sunshine State.

Nairo started his run on Saturday by winning his pool then dropping to the loser’s bracket. He popped off later that day to earn his way through to Top 16. Then on Sunday he eliminated Wishes to get into Top 8 setting himself up for a CEO wrestling style walkout! His Top 8 fight was against Marss’s Zero Suit, a rival he has battled before.  It seemed like Nairo would get the dub this time as it was an exciting fight that went to last stock of game 3.  But Marss just barely got the better of our Smash Stud this time and Nairo finished Top 8.  The Fighting Game Community takes a little bit of a break in the summer, but stay tuned to NRG Social for their upcoming schedules!


Big things happening org-wide! Congrats to our CSGO boys for reaching Top 5 in HLTV worldwide rankings! This week our new in-game leader Stanislaw joins the boys to play ESL Cologne and you have a chance to get tickets and get up close and personal with them July 13-14 at the Blast Pro Series in Los Angeles! Finally, on the social side, BenjyFishy got his silver play button for 100K YouTube subs! AND he reached number 1 in EU rankings, with Savage not far behind!


unnamed (7).png


The squad began by cashing in as the Seoul Dynasty delivered on the Netgear Router Rumble bet from last week by buying lunch for the whole team! The taste of victory is a delicious way to kick-off the week indeed! But then it was back to the grind to make hay in our matches against the Boston Uprising and the Florida Mayhem.
On Thursday, the OWL week began against Boston and we sped through four maps, picking up an easy 4-0 victory before heading home to prepare for Florida the very the next day. But even with the back-to back schedule, the Shock were in top form as we once again dominated the opposition and picked up the 4-0 for our first 8-0 map sweep week of Stage 3. With a surprise Titans loss to the Valiant the Shock now control our own destiny for top seedings in the Stage 3 playoffs.

This week we’ve got our last two matches of Stage 3 vs the Chengdu Hunters and London Spitfire. For that last game, if you are in the area, we’ll be hosting a watch party in San Jose where we’ll raffle off some of our biggest prizes ever!


After an undefeated season where we collected every individual and team accolade under the sun, and won multiple events, the Rocket League crew headed to Worlds at the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ as the #1 seed. After years of getting oh so close, Fireburner, JSTN, and GarrettG came in hoping that this was our time to finally capture the elusive title. Things started shaky in the group stage vs INTZ but we all breathed a sigh of relief with that game 5 win. We were back in top form against PSG Esports with a win clinching goal in game 4 in the last 30 seconds! Unfortunately our run ended in the quarterfinals against eventual champion Team Vitality who played one of their best matches ever to take down our talented trio. A disappointment indeed, but more fuel to fire up the boys as they look to finally take it all in Season 8!


The CSGO boys played in the ESL Pro League last weekend, and things were bittersweet as it was also a farewell tour for Daps, who has had the longest tenure as a player with NRG.  And Daps went out fighting! The boys took down G2 in game 3 after a crazy overtime on Dust2. Next they took on the Astralis who has been #1 in the world for as long as anyone can remember and in another map 3 they pulled off a huge upset and secured a spot in the semifinals!!!  In yet another 3 map series, we played tough against G2 but ended our run at the Top 4. It was a great final series from Daps, and we once again thank him for everything and wish him all the best of luck in the future.  NRG Fam forever! Big wins over all top ranked teams in France propelled NRG to our highest ranking for 2019 coming in #5 in the world in HLTV rankings.


Big stuff from BenjyFishy and Mr Savage last week as they took home first place in the Boom Cup tournament.  AND the young duo hit 100k and 140k respectively on Twitter.  These two are crushing it in every way! 

unnamed (8).png

0Our Clash Royale Crew had a good weekend too, pulling off a sweep against Pain Gaming and picking up their second win of the season! Our Smash stud Nairo has a new line of Ganondorf “POWER” apparel available so show your support and pick yours up now, it’s a limited run! And finally we’re excited to announce the Shock are booked to play a friendly at the Metarama Music and Gaming Festival in Las Vegas later this year. Vegas Baby!



FINALLY! After a long mid-season break, the Overwatch League has returned! And Stage 3 started off just peachy. Our first match last week was against Babybay and the Atlanta Reign, meaning we’d be taking on a former teammate for the first time ever. The boys were a little rusty after their break, but it didn’t take long to get back into the swing of things. Babybay and his crew put up a solid fight against his former teammates. But in the end, we held on to our overall undefeated streak (11-0 and counting)!  

That match was also the day we revealed our new look with the debut of our 3rd jersey! If they are still available you can pick up your own for a LIMITED TIME- once they’re gone, they’re gone! And finally on the Shock side, if you haven’t seen it yet, check out Aftershock 8, which documents our journey through stage 2 (our Golden Stage) though the incredible Stage Championship victory vs. Vancouver!


Benjyfishy and Savage have already qualified for the Fortnite World Cup and were hanging together ready to take on all comers in preparation.  As an org, NRG has just one more player left to qualify for Fortnite Worlds… and Symfuhny is so close! Last week he and Zayt competed in the NA East server and Symf finished in 38th overall. He will take another crack at qualifying this weekend so stay tuned to NRG social for all the details and if you have not already, check out this Sneak feature about him joining the NRG fam!


The boys made a deep run at the ECS Season 7 Finals in London. We started strong with wins against NiPgaming and Furia for a spot in the semifinals against Vitality. It was an exciting 3 map series with clutch plays all around. But unfortunately, Vitality took the win in the end and sent us home with a top 4 finish. This week the boys are back at it starting Wednesday with the closed qualifier for the American Minor. Follow NRG Current for all the action!

 Our Dominus decal is back in the Rocket League esports shop! Pick yours up now for that pro look in game! And finally, Clash Royale just kicked off the new season and NRG has already made a splash.  We welcome Thunderstruck to our Clash Royale team! He’s already proving to be a key addition to the squad.   After a tough loss to powerhouse Complexity, Thunderstruck helped the team sweep the head-to-head tiebreaker 2-0 vs Dignitas to secure our first victory of the season!  Check them out Saturday as they take on SK Gaming!



We are extremely excited to announce the addition of Peter "stanislaw" Jarguz to the NRG CS:GO roster. Stanislaw, who lead Complexity to a top 8 finish at the 2019 Katowice Major, and OpTic to a championship at ELeague Season 2, will be assuming the role of IGL going forward. He will debut tomorrow in the Americas Minor NA Closed Qualifier as NRG begins its journey to the Berlin Major in August.

With the addition of stanislaw, Damian "daps" Steele will be moved to the substitute roster. Daps has been with NRG CS:GO for close to two and a half years, joining an underachieving roster at the beginning of 2017. His experience and leadership in and out of game set the foundation for NRG's rise to prominence in the NA CS:GO scene, and on the world stage. During his tenure, NRG collected titles at IEM Shanghai 2018, cs_summit3,  and peaked at #4 in the HLTV World Rankings. We would like to extend a huge thank you to daps for his tireless work in building our CS:GO program and instilling a winning culture that has defined our team.


NRG Partners with iBUYPOWER!

Premier esports team ‘NRG Esports’ announces a new partnership with industry-leading PC gaming company iBUYPOWER.

NRG Esports announced computer company—iBUYPOWER—as the team’s official PC gaming sponsor moving forward. The partnership reaches across the entire NRG organization and its subsequent teams.

“We’re incredibly thrilled to welcome iBUYPOWER back into the esports team landscape,” said Brett Lautenbach, President of NRG Esports. “As with any competitive facet, fine-tuning player equipment for maximum performance is a significant priority, with iBUYPOWER, our players will get the most from their hardware—and that’s a good feeling.”

With this partnership, iBUYPOWER returns to supporting individual teams after sponsoring esports tournaments the past few years.

"It's exciting to be back in the competitive scene," said Darren Su, Vice President of iBUYPOWER. "Not only do we believe in the skill and hard work to win, but to have the latest and greatest hardware."

With iBUYPOWER's hardware, NRG players and fans alike can look forward to optimized performance, increased frames, and smoother gameplay. 

About NRG

NRG Esports is a globally leading esports organization that fields competition across multiple gaming titles. Founded by former Vice President of Apple and co-owner of the Sacramento Kings, Andy Miller, NRG is led by a roundtable of experience and expertise stemming from traditional sports and tech industries alike; with investment from the likes of Shaquille O’Neal, Tiesto, Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez.


iBUYPOWER is a custom gaming PC company located in the heart of the City of Industry, CA. Since 1999, iBUYPOWER symbolizes several key beliefs: Innovation, Community, Performance. Leading the pack, iBUYPOWER is gaming, defined.