Hey #NRGFAM! It’s time to head to City of Sin!

Welcome to the Week Ahead! This week we have a sinful selection of amazing action taking place in Las Vegas for both Smash and Overwatch fans. Our social team will be in attendance to bring you some extra action behind the scenes of both events!


  • 2GGT: ZeRo Saga with Nairo! Special Events Friday from 4 PM PST to 8 PM PST. Main event Saturday at 10 AM PST to 10 PM PST and Sunday at the same time in the same place! Streamed on twitch.tv/2GGaming.

  • MLG Las Vegas Overwatch North American Invitational with our very own NRG Overwatch Squad. Check out MLG.tv at 7:30 PST for our first match and stay tuned to NRG Social Media for when the following matches will take place!


2GGT: ZeRo Saga

As the last tournament of the year for Super Smash Bros for Wii U, we go out with a bang. 2GGT: ZeRo Saga promises to be one of the most stacked tournaments for Smash 4 since EVO 2016. 2GG as an organization has made it absolutely certain that this event will be a great one by helping fund many of the players to be able to attend the event.  

2GG has been hosting events like these called Saga’s where everything is centered on one person. This time it’s TSM ZeRo. For those who don’t follow the scene, TSM ZeRo has won nearly every single tournament he has ever attended for Super Smash Bros for Wii U. There was a point where he won 56 consecutive tournaments in 2015. These events are to bring together all the strongest people to beat the one who the event is named after. Our own Nairo is among the few people who have actually beaten him in a set, and is one of the favorites to take the tournament if ZeRo is to be defeated.

To start us off on Friday (12 PM PST), there will be a Collegiate Crew Battle where the best players from six universities battle it out. After this concludes, the ZeRo show starts with a special event called “ZeRo’s runback”. Starting around 4 PM PST, every person that has ever beaten ZeRo will have their chance to take him down again in front of the best players in the world. It will be a fantastic teaser for the weekend of competitive smash to come.

On Saturday, the action starts with Doubles at 10 AM PST. From there the action continues with standard double and singles play until around 8 PM PST. After that there will be another special event called USA vs the World, which will be a special kind of crew battle where the top 6 players in the USA will take on  the top 6 players in the rest of the world.

For a taste here’s the lineup. TSM ZeRo, RNG Dabuz, ELV Larry Lurr, NRG Nairo, CLG Void, MVG Salem VS. LG Abadango, 2GG Komokiri, DNG Kameme, MKLEO, Mr. R, and C9 Ally. It will certainly be a fantastic event.

Championship Sunday begins at the same time as Saturday, 10 AM PST. The events for the day are purely top 48 1v1’s best of fives. From 10 AM PST to 9 PM PST, it will be nonstop top level Smash 4 action that nobody will want to miss. We hope to see all the #NRGFAM in the chat or at the event!

The only question that remains is this. Who will take down TSM ZeRo?

MLG Las Vegas: Overwatch

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen some purely western Overwatch action. NRG Overwatch have been hard at work preparing for days on end in order to make the #NRGFAM proud. MLG Las Vegas will feature 8 of the top western Overwatch teams in a tournament for $100,000 that is sure to show some amazing action.

Many of the teams haven’t had a chance to show their stuff on a big stage since the Overwatch Open back in September, so everyone will be really raring to go to show their stuff! There will be no shortage of amazing action and maybe even some new strategies showing up that will surprise and get you hyped up for the rest of the Overwatch action taking place over the course of the entire weekend! 

The tournament features a set map pool for each of the groups so all teams have been hard at work preparing for everything the best that they can. The event is divided into two groups with a double elimination bracket. The action begins on Friday December 16th at 3 PM PST with Fnatic vs Rise Nation. NRG’s first match will be later in the day at 7:30 PM PST vs Cloud 9.

On Saturday starting at 12 PM PST, the elimination matches will begin. There will be Losers matches from the results of the previous day of matches, winners’ matches, and Decider matches all to determine who will stick around to be in the top 4 for Championship Sunday.

Stay tuned to all of NRG social media or watch the whole event yourself to know when we will be playing and when to show your support for the boys!