Ahoy #NRGFAM! We have quite the event for you to partake in!

Welcome to the Week Ahead! Each week we’ll be giving all of the family a rundown of what’s coming up in the world of NRG esports. We’ll also give you some insight into what gets the players excited to play, players to watch and what you can expect. This week we take a high resolution focus on the Hi-Rez Expo in Atlanta, where our Smite team will be taking the stage to fight for the World Championship!


SMITE World Championship with our NRG Smite team! The first match for our boys starts Friday at 2:30PM EST. From there, stay tuned to NRG social media for updated match times! You can watch at www.twitch.tv/hireztv

As winter rages on, we’ve got plenty of action to warm you up. Hi-Rez Expo is the big event to watch this coming week. Besides a ton of esports action, the event will also feature cosplay contests and a whole lot of new content from the studio.

Smite, Hi-Rez Studio’s flagship title, is certainly the focal point of all of the events. Many teams have been competing non-stop since late August for their chance to take home the title of the best Smite team in the whole world.  For our NRG Smite team. It’s not about taking home the title, it’s about defending it.

As last year’s world champions, the NRG Smite squad come into the tournament poised to take another title after not dropping a single set in the entire regular season and playoffs to qualify for the World Championship. It would be hard to deny that the guys are in awesome shape, boasting deathless games against some of the best teams in the world.

It would be hard to say who among them is the player to watch, as all of the squad have had shining moments where they’ve taken turns to highlight their abilities to look like world-beaters. We have Yammyn, the picture of consistency in the midlane and regular season MVP. We have Adapt(k)ing, the all-star carry jungler with some of the highest kill numbers in all of Smite history. The list goes on.

The action for all teams starts on Thursday at 11 AM EST with a placement round to decide who can enter the bracket stage and face off against NRG and other top tier teams. From there, check out our first game on Friday at 2:30 PM, and then stay tuned to social media, or the stream yourself to find out when we will be taking on the next challenger.

Beyond our Smite team feel free to check out all the other coverage Hi-Rez is putting on, including their Paladins World Championship!

It’s another special event too as we have members of our digital team ready to report on all things NRG Smite related. Look forward to Periscope interviews, exclusive content and many other fun ways to interact and get a look into the team!

Be there Sunday at 5 PM to watch us fight to raise the trophy once more as the 2017 Smite World Champions are crowned