Things were quiet on the Shock front this week.  With the Ultimate Weekend 8 team homestand in Dallas going on Saturday and Sunday, the boys caught a short break in their schedule before their last two games of Stage 2 this week. But that doesn’t mean they stopped the grind.  Consider it the calm before the storm as we take on 2018 Grand Finalist Philadelphia Fusion and a dangerous Shanghai Dragons this week with hopes of securing both an undefeated and possibly the "first perfect stage" (28-0 in map count) in Overwatch League History!

For the final game against Shanghai, we are hosting our biggest watch party yet at the California Memorial Stadium! There will be free food, free swag and some extras for our die-hard Shockwave fans. This will be a great way to watch the Shock make history so grab your friends and RSVP now!



After an incredible 17 goal game last week, NRG took down G2 Esports this week to end their previously undefeated streak this season. Thanks to clutch plays by JSTN in game 4, NRG is officially the last undefeated team in NA RLCS!! Speaking of JSTN, he currently has the triple crown in NA player accolade standings as he is the #1 Golden Striker, Clutch Playmaker and Savior of the Season in RLCS! Next week we hope to continue the streak; two more games, two more wins and we will have a perfect regular season!

You know them, you love them and now you get to see them together in person for the first time! Sure, Savage and Benjy pop off in Fortnite, but they are stretching their wings as content creators too, and three VODS we created and posted from them on YouTube last week have already received over 1.3 Million views!  See how they fare with Fortnite trivia and challenges on NRG’s YouTube. Oh, and did we mention they qualified for World Cup duos?!?!  See you in NYC boys! 

On the Apex side, superstar Dizzy continues to blow up! In one week, he got verified by twitterverified by YouTube, and hit 300k subs on Twitch! Congratulations to Dizzy and there is little doubt that NRG continues to be at the forefront of the growing Battle Royale scene!

NRG Clash Royale is back and the roster reveal is coming soon!  And stay tuned to NRG social this week for CSGO as Tarik and the boys begin their quest to win IEM Sydney! The team will also be heading to LA for CS Summit 4 May 23-26 so let us know if you are in town and would like to watch as they will battle 5 other teams for a $150k prize pool!