(Los Angeles, CA - September 26, 2019) - Effective today, the NRG CS:GO roster of tarik, stanislaw, Brehze, CeRq, Ethan and coach Chet has been transferred to Evil Geniuses.

Nearly four years after entering the scene with the signing of the ex-Method roster of gob b, Legija, Jst9n, ptr and Silent, NRG will be stepping away from competitive CS:GO.

Our first few years in CS:GO were challenging. Early exits and roster changes would define 2016 for the NRG CS:GO program. In December 2016, we made the decision to field a full North American roster consisting of ptr, FugLy, Brehze, daps and MarkE.

The additions of Brehze, daps and FugLy would become the core of an NRG team that would reach a peak of rank 4 in the HLTV World Rankings. Daps specifically would play a crucial role in creating the foundation and in-game structure that set our team up for future success. His ability to put players in positions to succeed and just as importantly, his ability to recognize hidden talent and scout players were huge reasons NRG grew into the powerhouse it is today.

Towards the end of 2017 daps scouted and brought on CeRq to be the team’s AWPer, and shortly after Anj was replaced by Ethan. With these changes, an era of online dominance began for the young squad. NRG finished 2nd in ESL Pro League Season 7 and 1st in ECS season 5 online leagues. However, the team continued to struggle with offline events and general consistency.

Chetan Singh was brought on in May of 2018 to coach the team and made his immense value very clear from the start. The team’s first real offline breakthrough came at StarSeries Season 5 in Kiev which was also Chet’s first official event with the team. Against all odds, NRG made the grand finals after defeating Liquid and North, before finally falling to Na’Vi.

StarSeries put NRG on the map as an elite North American roster capable of challenging international competition. Although the remainder of 2018 had several ups and downs, the team went on to win IEM Shanghai 2018 and cs_summit 3 and had cemented themselves as threats to win any event.

2018 was easily the NRG’s best year to date, but after missing the 2018 FACEIT Major and failing to reach Legends status during the 2019 IEM Major, we had to review the team’s direction. In February of 2019, we made the hard decision of replacing FugLy with tarik. Jacob played 571 maps for NRG, second only to Brehze all-time.

Even though results were steadily improving with the addition of tarik, the team felt one more change was needed to truly compete for a Major title. Stanislaw was brought in to take over IGL duties from daps in June. Daps played an incredibly large part in shaping NRG over the years. His mentorship, leadership, and guidance played a pivotal role in our success. It was not easy for us to let go of such a valuable player, leader and close friend.

With the roster of tarik, stanislaw, Brehze, CeRq and Ethan now in place, we began to show the world just how scary our lineup had become. The three young stars, ethan, Brehze, and CeRq, all under 21, alongside major winner tarik and one of the deadliest IGL’s in the world, stanislaw, came into the Berlin Major hot, dropping only 1 map on the way to a semi-final matchup with Astralis. NRG would fall to the eventual major champions, but a great number of fans and a level of respect for our program was gained in Berlin. The amount of support in the Mercedez-Benz arena for the NRG boys that weekend was unlike anything we’ve experienced at an esports event.

Today, we say goodbye to tarik, stanislaw, Brehze, CeRq, Ethan and Chet, as well as the amazing CS:GO community. The NRG roster will play under the EG banner for the first time at ESL ONE NY this week where we hope to see you cheering for our boys as you have in the past.

To every player, coach, and staff member who was part of our family these past few years—thank you.

We love this game, we love this community, we love our fans, and we hope you all welcome us back when the day comes.

About NRG

NRG Esports is a globally leading esports organization that fields competition across multiple gaming titles. Founded by former Vice President of Apple and co-owner of the Sacramento Kings, Andy Miller, NRG is led by a roundtable of experience and expertise stemming from traditional sports and tech industries alike; with investment from the likes of Shaquille O’Neal, Tiesto, Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez.