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Overwatch League Coaching Announcement

NRG is thrilled to announce that Brad Rajani, formerly of Selfless Gaming, will be the new head coach for NRG's Overwatch League team. We look forward to Brad's leadership and expertise as we continue to solidify our roster in anticipation of Season 1 of Overwatch League. 

Seamus "Seamoose" Anderson will be moving on from his position as coach of the Overwatch squad. Seamus has been an incredible asset to the orginization in his time at NRG and we wish him the best in his future endeavors.


AnJ Joins NRG Esports

Today we are pleased to announce the addition of Allan “AnJ” Jensen to our CS:GO team. He has been a player we’ve been looking at ever since his team won Copenhagen games earlier this year. Not only did he have a great showing at the tournament but also has had multiple strong performances after that. We believe he will be a great fit for our team and we’re excited to be working with him. 


After speaking to Allan, we saw a player that has a great attitude and also has the hunger to win and constantly improve. We believe he will be an excellent teammate and will be able to make our team a lot stronger moving forward.
— Derrick Truong - General Manager
I would to thank Singularity for the time we’ve spent together since October last year. We have grown together and we all find ourselves elevated to new heights from where we started. I would also like to thank them for allowing me to spend my time on the bench to talk to NRG. The past month have consisted of several offers but none that peeked my interest like NRG, and after talks with both management and players I’m extremely happy to have been given the chance to play for this organisation. This move is a dream come true, getting to play with and against players I’ve looked up to for so long is just amazing. I can’t wait to get started and working with the team!
— Allan 'AnJ' Jensen


ISKYS Joins the NRG Family as For Honor Player

One thing that is a priority to NRG is helping support the growth and development of new and rising video game communities. We see for honor as an incredible game with a passionate community, and we see Ricky "Skys" as an incredible player that is a perfect fit for our organization. 

"Feels great knowing a gamer like myself filled with energy is joining team NRG! Excited for the great things to come in the future with you guys"

--Ricky "Skys" Colon

“We’re thrilled to have Ricky join the NRG Family. He’s an incredible competitor and personality. We love the growth we’ve seen in the For Honor community and see him as an incredible champion for the game and it’s competitive scene.”

--Brett Lautenbach. President NRG


NRG Partners with Logitech G

NRG Partners with Logitech G

For some time now, Logitech G has supported us in our eSports endeavors. In our experience, Logitech G has been the utmost help providing peripherals for our players with great support and today; we’ll be announcing our official partnership. [STORY]



Sports nutrition company, BioSteel Sports Nutrition Inc. (@BioSteelSports), announced today a first ever NBA-style bench deal with eSports group NRG (@NRGgg), a globally recognized sports organization with professional teams in League of Legends and Counter Strike Global Offensive. The partnership marks the first bench sponsorship rights in the eSports industry and extends how brands have traditionally participated in eSports.

Similar to BioSteel’s partnership with the Toronto Raptors, the bench component of the master partner agreement acknowledges athleticism in eSports.  NRG athletes will use the BioSteel drink and towel in arena on approach to their match as well as positioning BioSteel during broadcasts and streaming sessions on Twitch and YouTube.  In addition, BioSteel will be the first non-endemic brand logo on NRG’s game day jersey and NRG will integrate the full spectrum of BioSteel products into their daily regimen. [STORY]