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San Francisco Overwatch Roster Reveal

At long last, the day is finally here. The San Francisco Overwatch team is ready! We are proud to announce our eight players: dhaK, Danteh, IDDQD, Super, Babybay, Sleepy, Nomy, and Sinatraa. The team is excited to take the competition and bring home the title in the inaugural season of the Overwatch League.

We’ve gathered some of the most explosive players in North America to rep the Bay Area in this inaugural season of the Overwatch League. I’m honored to work with this crew and ready to bring the trophy home for San Francsico.
— Bradford Rajani
It has been a long journey, but I could not be more excited that we are bringing these eight players together. They represent the next step in our Overwatch path. These are some of the best players in the competitive scene and we are stoked for them to compete for San Francisco!
— Brett Lautenbach

Overwatch League Coaching Announcement

NRG is thrilled to announce that Brad Rajani, formerly of Selfless Gaming, will be the new head coach for NRG's Overwatch League team. We look forward to Brad's leadership and expertise as we continue to solidify our roster in anticipation of Season 1 of Overwatch League. 

Seamus "Seamoose" Anderson will be moving on from his position as coach of the Overwatch squad. Seamus has been an incredible asset to the orginization in his time at NRG and we wish him the best in his future endeavors.

NRG Partners with Logitech G

NRG Partners with Logitech G

For some time now, Logitech G has supported us in our eSports endeavors. In our experience, Logitech G has been the utmost help providing peripherals for our players with great support and today; we’ll be announcing our official partnership. [STORY]



Sports nutrition company, BioSteel Sports Nutrition Inc. (@BioSteelSports), announced today a first ever NBA-style bench deal with eSports group NRG (@NRGgg), a globally recognized sports organization with professional teams in League of Legends and Counter Strike Global Offensive. The partnership marks the first bench sponsorship rights in the eSports industry and extends how brands have traditionally participated in eSports.

Similar to BioSteel’s partnership with the Toronto Raptors, the bench component of the master partner agreement acknowledges athleticism in eSports.  NRG athletes will use the BioSteel drink and towel in arena on approach to their match as well as positioning BioSteel during broadcasts and streaming sessions on Twitch and YouTube.  In addition, BioSteel will be the first non-endemic brand logo on NRG’s game day jersey and NRG will integrate the full spectrum of BioSteel products into their daily regimen. [STORY]