VAIN glory

With more than 1.5M active players in it's Beta, Vain Glory has quickly become the most popular mobile MOBA in the industry since it's launch in November 2014. A fast-paced 3v3 experience and deep hero roster for a mobile makes for compelling viewing. NRG are happy to announce that they are entering the Vain Glory competitive scene, picking up some of the best players in the world to front their campaign for world domination!

Name: Rommel 'Hardek' Soriano


Started playing Vain Glory: Nov 2014

Favorite Hero: Ringo/Koshka

Name: Lukas Shawn 'chombo305' Perry

Started playing Vain Glory: Sept 2015

Favorite Hero: Lance

Name: Jesus Anthony 'Gaspy' Tabares



Started playing Vain Glory: Mar 2015

Favorite Hero: Ringo