It was perhaps the worst kept secret in the VCT, but now it is official. NRG s0m and NRG FNS are BACK with the NRG VALORANT team for the upcoming season ahead!

Sam and Pujan have returned to the fold, joining alongside their good friends Ethan, Crashies and Victor as we prepare for our upcoming matches in the VCT Americas League, with our first test being a banger series on June 22nd against Sentinels. Why not start with the highest profile matchup that NA VALORANT has to offer?

The return of the uber popular duo was revealed in a NRG first: a live YouTube premiere of NRG’s Rockstar Energy sponsored VALORANT docuseries Radiance, which fans can now watch in its entirety on the NRG VALORANT YouTube channel! In the latest episode, we take an unfiltered look at the end of our first split, the rebuild, and our return to the stage in just a couple of short weeks ahead. 

Their match against SEN will mark the first official matches for both s0m and FNS since last year’s VALORANT Champions event in Los Angeles. As both of them said, they simply just can’t end on BiliBili.

We couldn’t be more excited to be back online at the Riot Arena against SEN and, in the meantime, stay tuned to NRG Twitter for all the hilarious moments the team has spent together already! We have lots of fun content and matches left to play, our season really is just getting started!



Last Friday Night was an absolute MOVIE at the NRG Spectrum Castle.

Full Squad Gaming x NRG teamed up with our incredible partners at Rockstar Energy to put on a crazy event filled with your favorite influencers on social media. From superstar actress and artist Bella Poarch to popular YouTubers like Jake Hill and everyone in-between, our event was truly a gala on the Gold Carpet!

A massive thank you to our musical acts Casey Veggies and That Mexican OT, who brought the NRG all night long with a setlist to remember! We also had Rockstar Rocktails fused with Rockstar Energy Focus to keep the vibes high and the focus higher. 

Be sure to check out all the latest premieres of brand new Who’s The Imposter content by subscribing to the Full Squad Gaming YouTube channel! With new episodes dropping all the time, you never know WHO we will collab with next.


It’s graduation season, and we shocked the Overwatch 2 world last weekend with the debut of NRG Shock – our newest chapter in our long and storied OW history! 

Did you miss us? We missed you Shock Fam! In a banger of an announcement at the OWCS Major at Dreamhack Dallas, the team known as Students of the Game literally took off their walk out caps and gowns on stage before their match and floored the crowd revealing their NRG Shock jerseys and new logo! Welcome PGE, scissors, Infekted, Rakattack and cal to the 2x Overwatch World Champs!

At the OWCS Major, the team battled strong against both Spacestation Gaming and ENCE, but were unable to come away with a series victory. Despite that, we were absolutely blown away by the mass amount of love, support and adoration our return to the Overwatch community brought. We really do appreciate you, Shockwaves! 

The team will be continuing play in the OW FACEIT League to qualify for the Esports World Cup later this summer! With the top 3 teams in the OW FACEIT League qualifying for the EWC, our team remains solidly in the running as we try to battle it out for our ticket to Riyadh. Stay tuned to all things NRG Shock by following along on Twitter!


The announcements just keep coming for NRG! Also last week, we announced our return to yet another iconic title in NRG’s history books. We’re back to write a new chapter in Apex Legends! The legacy continues on in this exciting team announcement!

The trio of Nocturnal, FunFPS, Reptar and coach Hodsic have joined the #NRGFAM as we battle through another exciting split of ALGS action and also an upcoming visit to the Esports World Cup! This team has been on the grind, topping the leaderboards in practice lobbies and finishing in first overall for the Esports World Cup qualifier, booking their tickets to Riyadh!

Diving right into the ALGS Pro League Split 2 regular season, the team were able to take home one match victory in Day 1 en-route to a 5th Place finish in the standings. On Day 2, consistency remained key as the team racked up more placement points and finished in 8th Place. 

In the overall standings through the first weekend of the split, NRG sits solidly in third place with 27 points, and will look to continue building momentum for the rest of the split in a couple of weeks with their next matchday!



NRG CS2 is on the GRIND this week. With three potential LANs to qualify for, business is officially heating up for the Summer! 

The team of Autimatic, oSee, Walco, HexT and Brehze has been in the server for the ECL Playoffs in their attempts to qualify for the upcoming ESL Pro League season this September held in Malta. This is what we’ve been truly playing for all along, as we push to cement our spot as a Tier 1 team in North America. 

In our opening match against Nouns, the series went the distance as NRG opened up with a commanding 13-6 victory on Inferno, followed by a flat performance on Anubis with our opponents returning the favor on a 13-6 scoreline of their own. Coming down to the decider map Ancient, a slow attack side spoiled the party for NRG as we headed down to the lower bracket following a 1-2 series loss. 

Bouncing back against LAG Gaming, however, the team earned a 2-0 series sweep and earned a spot into tonight’s lower bracket semifinals against Party Astronauts. Tune in on NRG Current for all the latest highlights and score updates!

Also happening this week are the Thunderpick World Championship qualifiers, as well as the Ace North American Masters qualifiers. For the Thunderpick WC, NRG are in the quarterfinals of the event with the winning team booking a trip to Europe for a LAN event later this summer featuring an $850,000 prize pool. For the Ace NA Masters, a win at this qualifier would earn the team a trip to the BLAST Fall Showdown, the final step before making it to the big stages of the BLAST Fall Final later this year in Copenhagen, Denmark. 

It’s an exciting time to be an NRG CS2 fan! Wish us luck as we make the push for a trio of international events that we won’t want to miss!


NRG Galaxy made their debut on the PMSL Americas stage in São Paulo, Brazil last week, marking the new division of PUBG MOBILE officially members of the NRG Fam! 

The team of Fate, JSVN, Spec, Melaz and coach Telli definitely had their work cut out for them in Americas League, featuring strong opponents such as Alpha7 and Team Liquid, NRG Galaxy struggled to find their footing for much of Week 1, with a lone match win on Day 2 being the bright spot for squad. 

Turning it around in Week 2, however, the team found some success making it to the late game and racking up a strong amount of eliminations. Through six matchdays, NRG Galaxy is in 13th place overall, on the outside looking in for the Esports World Cup invitation extended to the top-4 teams.

As we approach the halfway mark of the PMSL Americas regular season, be sure to tune in each day and support NRG Galaxy at 2 PM PT/5 PM ET on the official PUBG MOBILE Esports Twitch channel!


Here are some of our upcoming match dates for our teams in action over the next week. It’s a stacked week of action, so be sure to follow NRG Current and all NRG socials for up-to-date match coverage and more! Let the games begin!


June 6th-June 9th: NRG Galaxy | PMSL Americas League Week 2

Counter Strike 2

June 6th-9th: NRG CS2 | Ace NA Masters Fall Qualifiers

June 6th-9th: NRG CS2 | Thunderpick World Championship NA Series #2

June 6th-9th: NRG CS2 | ECL Season 47 NA Playoffs

NRG Shock

June 6th-9th: NRG Shock | NA FACEIT OW LEAGUE: Road to EWC Regular Season