July 21, 2021

NRG Newsletter: July 28, 2021

The General NRG Rocket League

This past week the squad was treated to a Championship Vacation Content House, and oh boy the content has been GREAT! Since the Champs arrived we’ve put out tons of amazing content, ranging from the House Tour, to the Ultimate Cook-off, and of course, Sizz and JSTN hitting the pool. The videos have been flowing on the NRG Rocket League YouTube channel as well including the big man himself Shaq playing Rocket League with the squad and fan-favorite What’s in the Box Challenge. While the Florida house was just a vacation, we can’t wait until the squad is back in competition soon and hope that next time Squishy and JZR can join the squad!

Before we move on, the votes are in and NRG Rocket League has a new look. We took to Twitter this week to announce the winning jersey for The General NRG Rocket League for next season! Hit the link and shop.nrg.gg and be one of the first to rep the new look and go green to support The General NRG Rocket League team.

NRG Fortnite

It’s been a crazy off-season for the Fortnite squad. As the guys look to solidify their trios heading into FNCS Qualifier 1 this weekend, everyone will be dropping out of the battle bus aiming to nab a spot in the Grand Finals (aside from Edgeyy and Epikwhale, who have already earned their spot due to their success in the previous FNCS Grand Finals.) Be sure to tune into NRG Twitter and NRG Current for the latest up-to-date coverage as the action commences this week. #NRGFam

SF Shock

The Shock squad took some time to rest this week, before diving back into preparation for our next tournament cycle, the Countdown Cup. We're still looking strong at second place in the regular-season standings with a record of 9-3. The boys have their eyes forward as they head into their next set of matches starting on Saturday 31st against the Dallas Fuel, and Boston Uprising on Sunday.

In other news, our Shock short-sleeve kits are almost sold out! Make sure to snag yours to rep the team in style before they're all gone.

OpTic Chicago

The squad has found their stride at the right time. As Stage V concluded this week, Scump and the boys have been grinding and looked to end Stage V ON TOP. This week we squared off against London and the Thieves with our eyes on a perfect 5-0 record and the top seed entering the Major.

As our match against London began, it was the king, scump, who dominated the Royal Ravens en route to a 3-0 sweep and a 4-0 record in Stage V. Heading into the last match before the major, the guys squared off against a familiar foe, the LA Thieves. A hot start fizzled fast and the boys found themselves on the short end of a 3-2 score. The loss put OpTic at 4-1 in Stage V as they secured the #1 Seed heading into the major. This week, you’ll find the guys hard at work hoping to bring the GreenWall it’s first championship of the season.

July 21, 2021

NRG Newsletter: July 21, 2021

The General NRG Rocket League

As the off-season for the squad is in full effect, this past week both Squishy and GarrettG took the stage in the Intel World Open representing their home countries, Canada and the United States respectively. It was clean sailing for the guys through Groups with both the US and Canada securing spots in the Playoffs. It didn’t take long before NA (and still reigning World Champs) GarrettG and Squishy were head-to-head in a fierce match that culminated in Team USA taking the win and sending Team Canada down to the lower bracket. As matches progressed, Team Canada successfully fought their way back through the lower bracket to meet Team USA again in a rematch for the Grand Finals. Ultimately Team USA took the win in the second Best of 5, giving GarrettG and Team U.S.A the Championship.

As the off-season continues, we wanted to thank those of you who voted on the new The General NRG Rocket League jersey for RLCS Season XI. The votes came piling in, and we are excited to reveal the new The General NRG jersey in the next couple of days. Make sure you tune into our twitter account to find out which design won and for the chance to grab one for yourself.

Before we wrap things up with Rocket League, we also wanted to let you all know that we’re treating the Champs to a beach vacation, where we’ll be shooting a ton of IRL content with the guys. Be on the lookout across Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and the NRG Rocket League Channel on YouTube the coming days as we REALLY get to know the boys at the first ever Rocket League House!

NRG Apex Legends

It’s been a crazy off-season for NRG Apex so far. This last week we dropped a MASSIVE announcement that Ace has officially re-signed with the #NRGFam! Ace has been with NRG Apex since the very beginning, and we can’t wait to continue to support him as a content creator in the future.

In case you missed it, check out the latest Youtube video from NRG Apex where Ace and LuLu took on The Floor is Lava Challenge on Kings Canyon.

Around NRG

We’re super excited to welcome both Hello Fresh and ampm to NRG/Shock as our newest partners! NRG’s sales team continues to bring in fantastic brands to support our team and content initiatives. We are all excited to see what our partnership group and ampm and Hello Fresh have cooked up for the #NRGFAM.

SF Shock

The Shock squad took some time to rest this week, before diving back into preparation for our next tournament cycle, the Countdown Cup. We're still looking strong at second place in the regular season standings with a record of 9-3. The boys have their eyes forward as they head into their next set of matches starting on Saturday 31st against the Dallas Fuel, and Boston Uprising on Sunday.

In other news, our Shock short sleeve kits are almost sold out! Make sure to snag yours to rep the team in style before they're all gone.

Full Squad Gaming

This past week the guys over at Full Squad welcomed a new face…Matt Cummings. Matt joins us from the NFL social media group and was immediately put to the test by Grady and Ben to go viral… two times on Full Squad TikTok. Let's just say Matt showed up real strong. If you haven’t checked out the Full Squad TikTok, do so. You never know what hijinks the guys are getting into over at the NRG Hot Pockets Castle, and you wouldn’t want to miss out on the fun!

July 14, 2021

NRG Newsletter: July 14, 2021

NRG Apex Legends

As the NRG Apex squad heads into the offseason, the NRG Apex YouTube channel has been dominating the game. Over the last several weeks, we released the video ALL Apex fans have been waiting for… we had Ace team up with Faide and Lyr1c, forming the ultimate Apex Movement Trio. If you haven’t seen the trio take on the Inverted Control and Wingman Only Challenges, be sure to check it out! It was history in the making. While you’re at it, check out the latest challenge video featuring Ace, Lulu, and Rogue where the trio took on the protect the queen challenge! \

We also wanted to take a moment and congratulate Lulu on surpassing 1 million Twitch followers! This is no small feat, and we are so happy for her. Since joining the NRGFam, Lulu has been a pillar of the Apex community and of course the NRG Fam. We know this is only the beginning for her and we can’t wait to continually support her over the coming years.

NRG Valorant

The squad has been hard at work following their debut showing in the Valorant Champions Tour. This past week they took the stage in a minor tournament, the Nerd Street Gamers Summer Championship Open 11. The squad looked strong as they battled their way through groups, only dropping a total of 4 rounds! Having secured themselves a spot in the Round of 16, new look NRG Valorant stood face-to-face against our old friends Koler and DarkZero. A dominant 2-0 victory secured the squad a spot in the quarterfinals, but unfortunately, that's where our run ended. Despite the loss, the squad looks up to the challenge as they continuously improve, heading into Challengers 2 later this month. #NRGFam

NRG Fortnite

Real quick, we wanted to take a moment to congratulate both Clix and Ronaldo on the tremendous milestones they achieved this past week. Clix continued to take over Twitch and surpassed 4 million followers on the platform, while over on YouTube, Ronaldo earned himself his gold play button, having surpassed 1 Million Subscribers. We can’t believe the things this duo has been able to achieve since joining the #NRGFam and we can’t wait to see what’s next for them!  

Full Squad Gaming

For the third consecutive week, Full Squad Gaming continues to dominate the world of Snapchat Discover shows. FSG’s new show, CosPlay, has racked up over 330,000 followers in less than 3 weeks. To top that off, all three episodes have been viewed a total of over 216 MILLION times!! Sit tight, we can’t wait to show you all episode 4 coming this Friday! In the meantime, give it a sub along with the Full Squad show that started it all, Viral Gaming, and stay tuned for a new show from FSG debuting next week. We are super excited about that one, but we aren’t giving anything away just yet.

July 7, 2021

NRG Newsletter: July 7, 2021

NRG Valorant

NRG Valorant was back in action this past weekend as Stage 3 of the Valorant Champions Tour began. New look NRG Valorant came out strong as they took on the open bracket on Thursday, securing back-to-back 2-0 victories over Taipan Esports and IlluZion Black, while only dropping 12 rounds throughout the 4 games. This secured the squad a spot in the Round of 32 against Virtuoso, however, that’s where our run, unfortunately, ended as the squad dropped a disappointing 0-2 match.

The boys are hard at work with a few weeks of preparation until Challengers 2, where NRG along with the likes of FaZe, Soniqs, C9, TSM, ANDBOX, T1, LG, and more will all battle it out with hopes of Berlin on the mind. Until then, it’s back to work for the #NRGFam.

The General NRG Rocket League

In case you missed it, yesterday we announced that fans can vote for the next The General NRG team’s jersey for Rocket League Season XI. We wanted to highlight the legacy of the winningest Rocket League team of all time and the history of NRG as we entered a new era of Rocket League with our great partner The General. Who better to decide on our new kit than the NRGFam itself. Voting started yesterday on four designs and will continue through to the 20th of July. Be sure to cast your daily vote HERE, and stay tuned for the announcement of the winning jersey later this month.

NRG Warzone

This past week, the NRG Warzone family saw the first of many NRG Stream Challenges. While IceManIsaac was streaming the NRGFam took over. JoeWo hijacked Isaac’s stream to issue him a challenge to be completed in-game, and the reward? 100 Gifted Subs from the NRGFam. This new content format perfectly showcases the crazy creative minds that are the NRG Content team, and we can’t wait until the next one. You never know when it might come, so be sure to be tuned into Huskerrs, Isaac, and JoeWo every time they stream! If you haven’t seen Isaac take on Joe’s challenge, check it out here on the NRG Warzone YouTube channel.

SF Shock

Last weekend the San Francisco Shock headed into our second week of Summer Showdown matches. The team faced a tough Paris Eternal squad on Friday and secured the win in a dominant 3-1 fashion. Nero showcased some phenomenal Pharah play, and Viol2t pulled out a surprisingly aggressive Lucio, getting melee eliminations left and right.

On Saturday was our long-awaited rematch against the Houston Outlaws. Despite a strong start on control, the Shock was unfortunately stopped in their tracks by the Outlaws squad and fell 1-3. Although this was not the performance we were hoping for, the Shock boys are still optimistic and are working to find synergy within this new roster. Despite this, the Shock aren’t completely knocked out of the Summer Showdown tournament yet, however, our spot within the Knockout Rounds to secure a ticket to Hawaii will be determined by the others’ teams performances this weekend.

Before we move on from the Shock, we wanted to take a moment and celebrate the Shock YouTube Channel surpassing 100,000 subscribers! Being the first team in the Overwatch League to do so, this milestone means a lot to the entire Shock Fam and the crew behind the scenes bringing you top Shock content year in and year out. Thank you for supporting us, as we continue to put out the best content in the Overwatch League.

Full Squad Gaming

Full Squad continues to dominate the world of Snapchat Shows, and episode two of the wildly popular CoSplay show continues to prove that it is A MEGA HIT!!! 11 days out from its debut, CoSplay already has 231,000 subscribers and has been viewed over 200 MILLION times!!! Wow. So excited for Friday's drop of ep. 3. Give it a sub along with the Full Squad show that started it all, Viral Gaming.

Till next week #NRGFAM!

June 30,2021

NRG Newsletter: June 30, 2021

NRG Warzone

It was time for the biggest Warzone event of all time last weekend, the World Series of Warzone. The NRG Warzone roster — consisting of Huskerrs, JoeWo, and IcemanIssaac — took to Verdansk alongside their trios for the Warzone custom lobby. The first-of-its-kind lobby consisted of the top 150 players the game has to offer, all fighting for the lion’s share of the $300,000 prize pool. Huskerrs, who is one of the game's top players and all-time earners, teamed up with Aydan and Rated to form the trio of the tournament. This group of the top three earners in Warzone history were aiming to prove that they were indeed the best in the world as they dropped into action.

As the tournament progressed, it became evident that Huskerrs’ trio came to play. With only six custom games to prove themselves, their squad entered the final lobby and took it by storm, ending with a 24 kill, top 15 finish. This incredible result secured enough cumulative points over the course of the event to crown them the first-ever World Series of Warzone Champions!

We’re super proud of Huskerrs as he continues to prove his dominance in Warzone through each and every tournament.

NRG Valorant

NRG Valorant has seen a few roster changes over the past few weeks with the third stage of the Valorant Champions Tour right around the corner. A few weeks back, we announced that our IGL  Daps would be retiring from Valorant. With VCT Stage 3 looming, and a spot to fill on the roster, it was only a matter of time until we announced our fifth. On Sunday we welcomed Wedid to the team. Wedid, formerly of XSET, is a top controller in the game. Known for playing his signature agents Viper and Astra, he’ll be a crucial piece for us as we begin our Stage 3 run against Taipan Esports tomorrow. Keep up with all the action as the guys battle through Opens this week by following NRG and NRG Current on twitter! The team looks stacked and expectations are sky-high. #NRGFAM.

SF Shock

The Summer Showdown kicked off last weekend with our rematch against the Gladiators, who took us the distance in a five-map affair. This was our first match following the departure of Striker, and while the team looked a little shaky against a strong Gladiators squad, they still managed to pull off highlight-worthy plays, such as Super’s high-impact Earthshatter on King’s Row, which completely negated Birdring’s 6-man EMP. After a back-and-forth match, however, the boys ultimately failed to close it out on Lijiang Tower, going down 3-2.

On Saturday, the Shock squad went up against the London Spitfire in what was expected to be a sweep in our favor. However, the Spitfire did not back down without a fight and gave as good as they got, taking us to another five-map series. Twilight showed off his signature aggressive Ana play with this sneaky flank, allowing the rest of Shock to wipe the Spitfire team and hold close to their spawn room. After a nail-biting four maps, the squad managed to secure the win, bringing our regular-season record to 8-2.

Not our best performance overall last weekend, however, our current record still puts us at second place in the Western region standings. The Shock are going through a transitional period of change as we welcomed back superstar ANS to the fold, but we have no doubt the boys will find their synergy and show us the signature San Francisco Shock again. Big matches on Friday and Saturday should tell us a lot about the Shock’s prospects for a 3Peat this season. Check out the action on Youtube.

Full Squad Gaming

A few weeks back, we teased that the guys over at Full Squad had a few exciting projects they were cooking up, and they did not disappoint. After weeks of hard work, Full Squad is serving a brand new series on TikTok titled “Games They Should Make”, featuring theoretical games such as Call of Duty: Revolutionary War, and Red Dead Redemption III, just to name a few. This series raked up a ton of views and prompted much discussion, and the gaming community is abuzz with chatter of what games they would love to see in the coming years.

But that’s not all! Over on Snapchat, Full Squad premiered two brand new shows to air alongside its Viral Gaming Show, which airs on Wednesdays and Sundays. One of the shows is Fight Night, where the internet’s biggest stars go head-to-head as fighters created within WWE or UFC games, giving pop-culture fans the celebrity showdowns they’ve always wanted to see. The other show is called CosPlay AND IT IS A MEGA HIT!!! Its first episode is hitting its head on… wait for it… 100 million views 5 days from drop! We are so excited about all three of our Snap shows and will be launching a fourth very shortly. That will give Full Squad a 5 episode slate to win over fans around the world. Well done boys!

Full Squad Gaming

On TikTok last week, we set our eyes on a world record. We announced in a TikTok video that for every follower we gained from that TikTok, we’d put one ball into the NRG Castle until we broke the record for the World’s Largest Ball Pit. You all delivered and we showed our love by signing some of the balls in the Castle with the names of our new followers. We loved the community's reaction to the idea, and while we didn’t break the World Record, we did gain enough followers to hide Grady in the Oval Office. We can’t wait until we show off our next banger idea. Be sure you’re following us on TikTok, you never know when we’ll drop it!

June 23, 2021

NRG Newsletter: June 23, 2021

The General NRG Rocket League - Champs Again!

The longest season in the history of Rocket League Esports finally came to a close this past weekend as the RLCS X Championships took place across the globe. GarrettG, JSTN and Squishy took to the stage in the NA Championship, bearing the name of The General NRG across their shoulders. Having dominated the region throughout the course of Season X, the boys sprang into action in the NA Semifinals against G2. Being the NA Championship, the format of the Semifinals and Grand Finals was a best-of-three, best-of-seven, meaning that in order to secure the victory, contenders would have to win two best-of-seven series.

Our run to the title kicked off against G2 and quickly developed into one of the most intense Rocket League series in recent memory. We secured the first series in a back-and-forth seven-game thriller 4 games to 3, which featured JSTN finessing the G2 defense, and GarrettG hitting one of the most insane redirect goals the tournament would see. As the second series began, we rode the momentum from our Game 7 victory and got off to a fast 1 game to 0 lead, but G2 weren’t about to give up without a fight. They battled back, trading the next two games back-and-forth. With the series tied 2 games apiece, G2 picked up the pace and took the next three games, despite GarrettG hitting an insane flip reset double-tap goal, and pulled out the 4-2 second series win. It was now the first team to win 4 games in the deciding series to see who would play for the NA title.

The boys built a 3-2 series game lead as we entered game 6 which of course went into overtime. It was the seventh overtime of the match with G2 having won five of the previous six. That’s when our captain GarrettG, found the back of the net 1 minute and 48 seconds into overtime, earning ourselves a spot in the NA Championship Grand Finals after taking home the longest series in the history of Rocket League Esports!

Enter Championship Sunday. The North American Grand Finals. It was The General NRG squaring off against rivals Sypical and his Spacestation Gaming squad. JSTN set the pace early and not only hit one of the best goals of the season but also pulled off an insane 1v3 against the entire SSG defense. The General NRG swiftly took the first series in 4-2 fashion with their eyes fixed on the trophy as the second series began.

The squad found their peak form at the right time. The second series was one where JSTN, Squishy, and GarrettG dominated, with the highlight coming in Game 4 where GarrettG ripped the hearts out of the SSG faithful and gave us a commanding 3-1 series lead. The boys had their eyes on the finish line, with just one game left between us and the crown, and we never looked back. The squad played the best Rocket League they’ve played all season and as time expired in Game 5, The General NRG were your RLCS X North American CHAMPIONS!

The guys not only won back-to-back-to-back Championships to end the season but quashed any doubt about who the Kings of North America are. In celebration of the Championship, we’ve released our limited edition NRG Championship White Jerseys as well as our exclusive The General NRG Championship White Rocket League Jerseys! They leave the shop in a week, so get yours before it’s too late! While you’re at it, we rushed to get our Championship Comms out on our YouTube channel so you could experience the winning moment once again. #NRGONTOP #TheGeneralNRG

NRG Apex Legends

The NRG Apex Legends revenge tour began this past week. After coming up short in the ALGS Championship, sweet, nafen, and rocker dropped back into World’s Edge for not only the Esports Arena Pre-Season Invitational but also the SCARZ CUP. The squad proved the ALGS Championship was nothing but a fluke. The team took home BOTH Championships on the same night, edging out the likes of C9, TSM, and SSG across the day. We’re beyond proud of the team as they bounce back. We can’t wait until ALGS resumes next season. We’re coming for that trophy. #NRGFam

SF Shock

The Shock may have been on break this week, but it was anything but quiet as we rocked the Overwatch esports scene with a series of massive announcements. Last Friday we parted ways with our assistant coach, Agape. Our time together was unfortunately cut short, but Agape will always be a part of the Shock Fam, and we wish him nothing but the best. We also bade farewell to one of our Shock veterans, Namjoo "Striker" Kwon, as he made the decision to retire from professional play. Striker has been an integral part of the team, both in and out of the game, and was an indispensable part of our back-to-back championships. We sincerely thank Striker for the history that we made together, and wish him all the best for the future. Shock Fam forever!

Although we said goodbye to some old friends this week, we also said hello again to another old friend... That's right, we're beyond thrilled to announce that ANS is returning to the San Francisco Shock! Known for his insane carry potential and ability to snipe enemies with pinpoint precision, ansansniper is a HUGE mid-season pick-up for the Shock, and we are so happy to welcome him back.

With ANS on board, we are super excited to dive head-first back into our Summer Showdown matches this weekend against the LA Gladiators and the London Spitfire. In the meantime, it's your last chance to order one of our Play with Pride charity t-shirts! All proceeds will be going to the SF LGBT Center, so don't miss out.

OpTic Chicago

The CDL was BACK on LAN. The conclusion of Stage 4 came down to this. The entire league was eager to play on LAN again for the first time in over a year. Our first series on LAN would be a matchup against none other than Crimsix and the Dallas Empire. Unfortunately for us, they quickly gave us a reality check, taking the series fairly quickly in 3-0 fashion.

Enter Saturday, our first series of the day was a do-or-die matchup against the Seattle Surge. It was none other than FormaL who took over when it mattered most, securing two crucial kills in Search and Destroy, and winning us the round. The Surge gave it their best, but ultimately the young prince, Envoy, stepped up and earned the squad a matchup against the Minnesota RØKKR later that night to battle it out for a spot on Championship on Sunday. It was in that series that Scump and the guys found their stride, as Seth went beast mode and took over Checkmate, securing their Championship spot in classic OpTic fashion.

As Championship Sunday rolled around, it would be a rematch against Crim and the Empire for a spot in the Lower Finals. Unfortunately, despite FormaL starting things hot with an ace on Raid Search and Destroy, our run at the Stage 4 Championship would end there. A Top 4 finish is nothing to sneeze at, however the squad isn’t satisfied with anything but the crown, and are more determined than ever to secure their first Championship of the season as Stage 5 approaches.

June 16, 2021

NRG Newsletter: June 16, 2021

NRG Apex Legends

ALGS Championship weekend had finally arrived! As a warmup, the NRG Apex squad has been competing in the ALGS Group Stages over the past few weeks, and the Pittsburgh Knights Invitational this week. The squad DOMINATED in both events, edging out TSM and G2 for the Championship, while also claiming the #1 seed heading into the ALGS NA Championship. With all eyes on them, sweet, nafen, and rocker were hyped as they looked to etch their names in the annals of Apex Legends history. The stage was set as we witnessed the most viewed event in competitive Apex history, peaking at 254,931 viewers. Sunday’s Championship series went to a back-and-forth total of 9 matches, and our boys fought tooth and nail to secure their spot atop the leaderboard. Unfortunately, we ultimately fell short, falling to out-rotations from teams running the newest legend who has made her way into the meta, Valkyrie. Despite our less than ideal placement, sweet pulled off the impressive feat of dealing the most damage in the lobby, showing that you should never count him and the boys out. Regardless of the outcome, we’re extremely proud of the squad, having won the Winter Championship and cementing their spot among the greats as a top team in North America. We can’t wait for the squad to be back in action for the next season of ALGS. In the meantime, the boys look to begin their redemption arc this Saturday in the Series E 10K alongside some of NA’s top competitors. We’ll have all the action covered for you over on NRG Current!

The Apex Legends community continues to be one of the best up-and-coming communities out there and we have been there right since the very beginning. We cannot wait to see where else the community goes, both competitively and content-wise. If you haven’t checked out the NRG Apex Legends Channel on YouTube, take a look. Our last video featuring aceu and Rogue trying out the one mouse one keyboard challenge already has 226,000 views! We love this community, and we love Apex Legends!

The General NRG Rocket League

It all comes down to this. Squishy, JSTN & Garrett aim to bring home the NA Championship this week. While the tournament is underway, our outstanding season earned us the #1 seed in North America, and an automatic bid for the NA Championship. The team, now referred to as The General NRG, will begin their run in the NA Championship Semifinals against G2! We’re super excited to get back in action and we’re hyped for the event… which is evident from our Championship Hype video that premiered today! If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out here. We’re looking forward to watching the boys crush it this weekend, and can’t wait to add another trophy to our most historic and storied defending World Champion team. #NRGFam

NRG Speedrunning

This week was a huge week for the speedrunning community. E3 took place, showing off the best of what’s to come in gaming over the next year. Since our entry into speedrunning, our content has been taking over YouTube — in under 2 months, the channel has accumulated over 62,000 subscribers, and is just shy of 2 million views! Our latest challenge where EazySpeezy tried to beat 30 levels of the world’s hardest game before PointCrow, Kosmic and LilKirbs had to beat 15 amassed over 200,000 views in just a week.

SF Shock

The Shock boys took some time to rest and reset this week, in the first week of our break leading up to the Summer Showdown. Despite unfortunately falling short of the June Joust tournament, the Shock are still looking strong at second place overall, with a record of 7-1 in the regular season. Now is the perfect time to focus up and recalibrate for the next tournament cycle ahead. In the meantime, make sure to check out our newly launched Play With Pride t-shirt for Pride Month, with all proceeds to be donated to the SF LGBT Center as well as our first 2021 season installment of the award-winning series Aftershock.

Full Squad Gaming

Our friends at Full Squad have been diligently at work over the last several months since we first introduced them to the world. They’ve been killing the game over on YouTube — not only did they have a video surpass 22 million views, but they’re also rapidly approaching 100,000 subscribers on the channel. But that’s not it for the squad; they’re taking over both Instagram and Snapchat, with Instagram posts averaging well over 100,000 views on our @Videogames account, and two weekly Viral Gaming episodes on Snapchat Discover that are generating 20-30 Million views per week! We are beyond excited for the continued growth of Full Squad, and we can’t wait to share some exciting news we got cooking up with you all in the coming weeks.

OpTic Chicago

With the first LAN in over a year on the horizon, OpTic Chicago took the stage this week against the Seattle Surge and LA Thieves. In a back-and-forth affair against Seattle where T2P came in clutch, we ultimately fell in the Game 5 Search and Destroy. Using the loss as motivation, Scump and the boys walked into their final match before the Major with their eyes on the prize. The squad delivered, DOMINATING one of the league's best teams and securing not only a spot in the Winner’s Bracket, but also earning the #2 seed at the Major. It’s time for LAN now, and you know scump, formal, envoy and dashy are READY to play. #GREENWALL

June 09, 2021

NRG Newsletter: June 9, 2021

NRG Apex Legends

It is finally time for the ALGS Championship! A year’s worth of work and effort on display as the top 40 teams in North America battled it out this past week in the Group Stage. Our team, consisting of sweetdreams, Nafen and rocker, were placed in Group B alongside the likes of Kungarna, ESA Black, Renegades, ESA Red and a select group of orgless teams. Over the course of three days, NRG would fight for not only the top spot in Group B, but in NA as a whole.

Qualification for the ALGS Grand Finals was simple, the top spot in each of the 4 groups would qualify. The remaining 16 squads would be determined by cumulative points over their 3 day performances. Action began on June 2nd as NRG squared off against their top rival in NA, TSM. The squad then began their reign of terror with sweet providing the clutch of the weekend. NRG Apex DOMINATED Day 1, taking home two wins on the night. Heading into days 2 and 3, the squad didn’t slow down. Over the course of the weekend, NRG Apex took home six wins between the 18 rounds the team played. It was one of the most DOMINANT performances competitive Apex has ever seen. NRG Apex not only qualified for the Finals, but did so as the Number 1 Seed.

Being the top seed in the region means the boys will begin their run on Sunday in the ALGS Championship with 10 points already to their name. We can’t wait till Sunday where sweet, nafen and rocker drop into World’s Edge with their eyes on match point and the ALGS Championship crown. We’ll have all the coverage you need over the weekend on Twitter so be sure to follow both NRG and NRG Current! #NRGFAM

SF Shock

This was another big week for the San Francisco Shock, as our match results would not only determine whether or not the team would get a bye in the knockout round, but also if we would ultimately progress through to the June Joust tournament in Hawaii.

The team made easy work of the Vancouver Titans on Friday, and put on a show, complete with some attempted sneaky D.Va re-mech kills, and celebratory Moira Coalescences. Nero once again showed off his prowess as a flex god with a standout performance on Echo, making high-value plays with her tri-shot primary fire and focusing beam ability. On Saturday the Shock faced down the Washington Justice in a five-map back-and-forth blockbuster of a match. We unfortunately lost the first control map, but tied it up with a dominant showing on Volskaya. The Justice fought back on Numbani and wrenched the win away from us, but the boys rallied on Rialto. Shock showed why they are still a team to be feared, with Glister clutching it out with his monstrous performance on Widowmaker, stopping Justice’s push just shy of point B. The team clawed their way to an ultimate victory on map five, securing our spot as second seed heading into the knockout round on Sunday.

Going into Sunday, we stood upon the precipice of making it to Hawaii, but we fell short, going 0-3 against the Atlanta Reign. The squad finds itself at 7-1 on the regular season at the halfway point. It’s back to the drawing board now, as the guys regroup and prepare to come back stronger for the 2nd half and ultimate run at a third straight Worlds Championship.

OpTic Chicago

Scump and crew were back in action this weekend, taking on the Paris Legion. OpTic started off strong, taking an early 2-0 lead in the series after Envoy was feeling himself on Standoff Search and Destroy. However after a brief stumble in Game 3 the squad bounced back in Game 4, going on an absolute tear, closing the game on a 221-43 run. With the squad finally finding form, be sure to catch OpTic back in action on Thursday, June 10th as we take on the Seattle Surge in the LA Thieves Homestand.

June 02, 2021

NRG Newsletter: June 2, 2021

NRG Fortnite

It all came down to this. The Chapter 2 Season 6 FNCS Grand Finals. Epikwhale and Edgey were up, hoping to put the NRGFam BACK ON TOP! The action would take place over two days, with the winner in each region claiming the FNCS Axe of Champions, as well as their share of the massive prize pool.

Over in NA East, Edgey found success on Day One with multiple Victory Royales, earning himself and his trio 201 points and a spot at top of the leaderboard heading into Sunday! Entering Sunday, all eyes were on Edgey, and his trio mates Cented and Commandment as they looked to redeem themselves from their back-to-back FNCS second-place finishes. Edgy and crew lead the entire tournament up until the last round where some bad luck and expert play by Mero & Dey’s landed them as bridesmaids once again, giving the trio their third consecutive second-place finish. Regardless, we’re super proud of Edgey and his trio’s accomplishments this season. While they did walk away with $105,000 (not bad!), they are more motivated than ever as they look to break the curse heading into next season!

As the action began in NA West, it was Epikwhale, Arkhram & Rehx who were seeking their third consecutive FNCS Championship as a trio. More than that, Epik was actually seeking his fourth consecutive FNCS Championship (having won duos prior). It was business as usual on Saturday as the trio shook off some of the rust, having not competed in any of the previous qualifiers. Coming into Sunday, the boys found themselves in the unfamiliar spot of third place. No need to worry, over the course of twelve games, the deadly trio didn’t place outside of the top 10. It was in Game 11 where the trio put the final nail in the coffin and clutched out the Victory Royal proving once again that they were the best trio Fortnite has EVER seen, securing yet ANOTHER FNCS Championship. We’re amazed at how consistent Epikwhale is year-in-and-year-out, and we’re so proud to have him rep the #NRGFam. Thanks to Epik, our Championship White jerseys are unlocked for a limited time, so be sure to pick one up before they leave the shop … until the next NRG champion is crowned!

NRG Apex Legends

Later today, NRG Apex will find themselves back in action as the ALGS Championship kicks off in North America. Sweetdreams, Nafen & Rocker are looking to add more accolades to NRG Apex’s storied past, as they forge towards an even brighter future. As group play begins today, the squad will be battling it out with their eyes on the Finals on June 13th. Be sure to keep up with the action on NRG Current for all the play-by-play action.  

SF Shock

The San Francisco Shock were finally back in action this weekend, after an almost month-long break since the May Melee. The boys were hungry for a win, and more importantly, they were looking for revenge in the rematch against the Dallas Fuel.

Our June Joust debut began on Saturday against the Toronto Defiant, where the reigning champs started strong and took Oasis 2-0. We struggled a little on Junkertown, and ultimately lost the map, as Shock's rookie sniper Glister was yet to find his footing with his new teammates. After that, though, the boys rallied, and showed a masterful game on Hanamura with perfectly coordinated dives, bringing the score line to 2 maps to 1. Going into map 3, Glister was locked in, and along with the impeccable teamwork of the rest of the squad, we won the match in 3-1 fashion.

All eyes were on Shock heading into our rematch against the May Melee champions the Dallas Fuel on Sunday. After almost a month since our playoff lost, the San Francisco Shock were out for revenge. In a five-map banger, the boys showed off their new look in this meta, with Viol2t switching onto Moira, and Striker playing a deadly Reaper. Nero lit up the kill-feed with a masterful performance on Echo, getting high-value duplicates, grinding out kills and turning fights even when we were down, in classic Shock fashion. Smurf, as per usual, showed off incredible tank play, battering Fuel's supports around and denying ultimates. Glister's redemption arc was also in full-swing, as he clicked the heads of the Dallas Fuel one by one, getting vital picks to lead us to the win.

The fight's not done, however, as we head into two more matches this weekend against the Vancouver Titans and Washington Justice. The boys will be working hard to secure their spot in the June Joust Tournament, and the chance to go to Hawaii that narrowly slipped through their grasp last time. In the meantime, check out our brand new, limited edition Naptime Hoodie, featuring Viol2t himself sleeping on the iconic red beanbag.

OpTic Chicago

Stage Four of the Call of Duty League opened with our Chicago Home Series this past weekend. Scump and the boys picked up where they left off and kicked off the action against the upstart Minnesota Røkkr. The prince himself popped off and led the team to a swift 3-0 victory. In the follow-up match, the squad ran into the Atlanta FaZe playing at the top of their game and unfortunately dropped the match to fall to 1-1 in Groups. Back to the lab, as we look to regroup and improve before heading into our next match against the Paris Legion on Saturday. #GREENWALL

It’s June! That means lots and lots of esports my friends. Apex Champs, RL Champs, Shock June Joust in Hawaii … the fam rolls on. Stay tuned ...

May 26, 2021

NRG Newsletter: May 26, 2021

NRG Rocket League

This past weekend, months of intense Rocket League competition came to a head at the RLCS Spring Major. GarrettG, Squishy, and jstn were looking to pick up where they left off at the Winter Major and bring home back-to-back major championship victories. The action kicked off for the squad on Saturday during group play. Analysts called our pod 'The Group of Death', pitting us against G2, FaZe Clan, Spacestation Gaming, and Version1. FaZe Clan came out hot and gave us a shocking 3-1 loss to kick off the action, but it ended up being the reality check that woke up the NRG beasts. The boys went on to secure three straight series against V1, G2, and SSG thanks to some big-time plays from Squishy. We ended the first round with a 3-1 group record and securing the #2 overall seed out of group B.

Championship Sunday kicked off with a face-off against old friend, Turbopulsa and Team EnVy. The boys came out FIRING, embarrassing our powerhouse rival in quick fashion and advancing to the semifinals where we’d face a red hot Rogue team. There, we’d see JSTN do the impossible with this insane pop flick goal that led the team to a dominant 4-2 victory, and a spot back in the Grand Finals. At this point, it all just felt inevitable!

Entering the Grand Finals against G2, JSTN, GarrettG, and Squishy were operating on another level. Up 3-2 in the series, JSTN did what he does best and proved he is just built different. Game 6 was a round of Rocket League that will go down in the history books. Tied 1-1 after regulation, both teams were locked into one of the most intense TEN MINUTE OVERTIMES in RLCS history! Both teams hung on with miraculous defensive plays until Squishy took matters into his own hands and found a game-winning breakaway goal, bringing home BACK TO BACK Major Championships.

NRG Rocket League secured two out of the three NA Majors in what has been an intense year all around for the RLCS. To celebrate, we have unlocked the BRAND NEW The General NRG Championship “White” Jerseys in the NRG team store, which are available until next Monday only. We’re super proud of the team for staying resilient throughout Season X, and the big man himself, SHAQ, even went to Twitter to congratulate the squad on their win.

A final note, there has been no NRG team like NRG Rocket League! Year-after-year the boys continue to represent the org at the highest level of play. Winning back-to-back Majors and entering Worlds as the #1 seed just adds to their resume as the greatest NRG team of all time!

NRG Fortnite

Although Clix, Ronaldo, and Benjy fell just short of qualifying for the FNCS Grand Finals in their respective regions, NRG Fortnite is not out of the race yet. This weekend EpikWhale is looking to make Fortnite history by seeking the 3-Peat in NA West, while Edgey is looking to redeem himself after coming in 2nd place in back-to-back FNCS Championships. All eyes on Edgey and Epik to carry the mantle for NRG Fortnite. Best of luck boys!

SF Shock

The San Francisco Shock is ready and excited to spring back into action after last week's bye with a doubleheader on Saturday and Sunday. Our June Joust qualifiers start with a match against the Toronto Defiant followed by the Dallas Fuel, the defending May Melee champions. Super and the boys are hungry for a win, and out for revenge. Fans are excited to see how coach Crusty and the Shock will adapt to the recently introduced hero bans as we continue our grind for the fabled three-peat. In the meantime, make sure to pick up some Shock gear and rep the team, and check out our Youtube for behind-the-scenes content!

OpTic Chicago

It was All-Star Weekend for the Call of Duty League as both Dashy and Envoy were in action for both the 1v1 and the star-studded 4v4.

It was a good change of pace for the guys as they battled it out amongst the best players in the CDL. Dashy and Envoy both showed why they are a force to be reckoned with this season. While they both fell short in the 1v1, they ended up securing the big win during the 4v4 All-Star Championship. All eyes are back on OpTic Chicago with Stage 4 of the regular season is just around the corner.

May 19, 2021

NRG Newsletter: May 19, 2021

NRG Fortnite

The guys are in the final stages of preparation as the FNCS Semifinals kick-off this Saturday. Benjy, Clix and Ronaldo look to join EpikWhale and Edgey in the Grand Finals next weekend. In the meantime, the content has been flowing on the NRG Fortnite YouTube channel. Check out the latest video and keep an eye out for this Friday’s video… you won’t want to miss it.

NRG Rocket League

Finally, after a long bye period the boys are BACK in action this weekend as The General NRG takes over the Spring Major. Action begins on Saturday, as we battle it out in Group B against the likes of FaZe, V1, SSG and G2. It’ll be a challenge for the guys, but one we’re prepared to face. Be sure to keep up with all the action on NRG Current as we look for redemption after falling short in the Spring Regional.

NRG Speedrunning

We are so excited by the response to our brand spanking new Speedrunning channel. A labor of love for sure, NRG Speed Running already has 37,000 subscribers and last week’s Mario Maker is closing in on 300K views. Big things ahead from the crew, so be sure to subscribe and drop some words of encouragement for the boys.

SF Shock

All was quiet again on the Shock front this week, going into the second week of our break. Despite the June Joust kicking off this weekend, the boys have a bye week, and won’t be playing until our match against the Toronto Defiant on May 29th. The team is raring to get back into action, and we’re excited to see the results of their training come to fruition. To scratch your Shock Overwatch itch... check out some new footage from when the squad played some custom games last week.

Also on the books is the return of our “Scuffed” Gangster S super and smurf jerseys, back by popular demand. These are only in our store for one week, so make sure to snag yours while they’re still available!

OpTic Chicago

Last weekend, the squad was back in action for the last online Major of the season. Starting in the lower bracket, Scump and the guys began their run, taking it one game at a time. As they faced off against the LA Guerrillas, it was none other than a Round 11 clutch that pushed the guys into a matchup with Dallas for top six at the Major. Facing off against old friend turned rival, Crimsix, it was business as usual as we took down the Empire in 3-0 fashion, securing top six.

Following the Empire, OpTic squared off against the Mutineers, with the winner earning themselves a spot in Championship Sunday. In what was arguably the best series of the year, Dashy came in clutch, as Bruce took care of business when it mattered most.

Unfortunately, that’s where the magic ended. Despite the team looking like a force to be reckoned with, we fell to the Toronto Ultra, the defending champions, securing a top four finish at the Major. All eyes on the guys heading into Stage 3 after a strong showing. #Greenwall

May 13, 2021

NRG Newsletter: May 13, 2021

NRG Asia

Over a year in the making, NRG Esports is proud to announce our return to League of Legends! Being the first game NRG Esports was ever involved with, we wanted to make sure our next move in League of Legends was done right. That’s why we have partnered with our long-time friends at CMG World Gaming to establish NRG Asia and acquire our first team, the legendary GAM Esports!!! We can’t wait to see Levi and crew take on VCS competition and make it to Worlds later this year. If you haven’t seen the awesome announcement, check it out here.

NRG’s expansion into Vietnamese League of Legends is the first endeavor of NRG Asia. We’re actively working to make NRG a global brand and this is our awesome way of beginning that. To learn more about NRG Asia or GAM please check out NRG Asia online. We can’t wait to see the Nexus fall! #NRGFam

NRG Fortnite

Benjy, Clix, and Ronaldo have been competing in the FNCS Qualifiers over the past several weekends. As session 3 wrapped up this weekend, we are happy to announce that all six of our competing players have qualified for the FNCS Semifinals or Grand Finals! Be sure to keep up with the guys as they prepare for action on the 22nd with their eyes on the exclusive FNCS Axe of Champions.

In the meantime, we’re happy to announce that Edgey has re-signed with the #NRGFam. We love Edgey, and can’t wait to see him continue to dominate in and out of the game. If you haven’t seen it, be sure to check out the latest video he was featured in where he rated fan-submitted Fornite clips alongside Ron, Epik, and Clix!

NRG Valorant

While the team continues to improve both on and off stream, we’re super excited to announce that we have signed a new Head Coach for NRG Valorant. On Wednesday, we welcomed legendary coach, JoshRTz to the #NRGFam. We can’t wait to see the squad dominate with his help. In the meantime, check out the content that has been flowing on the NRG Valorant YouTube Channel from Zayt In-Game Leading Ethos and Flexinja to the guys breaking down their best clips. We have it all.

General NRG

When NRG was created back in 2015, we set out to build the world's best gaming and content org. Now, we have the website to match. All things NRG, all the time. We’re excited to unveil our BRAND NEW website redesign to the #NRGFam. Check it out - you’ll find everything NRG from rosters to apparel. Swing by it and let us know what you think!

SF Shock

This past week has been a quiet one for the Shock, meaning it’s the perfect time to get some rest before getting back on the grind. The team played some Overwatch custom games to blow off steam, and now have three weeks off to reset and shake off the dust from our last loss. Our boys have been working hard, and we have our sights set on long-term results. Eyes forward now as we prepare for our return on May 29th against the Defiant in the June Joust. In the meantime, make sure to snag one of our iconic Lunchtime sweaters before they're vaulted from the store this Sunday, the 16th!

OpTic Chicago

The squad was back in action this week as they competed for seeding in the upcoming CDL Major. This week the boys had matches against the Atlanta FaZe and the NY Subliners. However, things didn’t go according to plan, and we fell 2-2 in Groups, securing a spot in the lower bracket in this week’s upcoming major. Time to get to work. Let’s bring it home. #GREENWALL

May 5, 2021

NRG Newsletter: May 5, 2021


It is easy to get used to winning. NRG has been on an epic run of championships for the greater part of 18 months. From the Shock to NRG RL to our recent Apex championship, across the board NRG has truly been #ONTOP of the esports competitive world. This weekend, we felt the bitter sting from the other side. So close, but ...

NRG Valorant

A month of preparation and qualifier victories led up to the Valorant Champions Tour Challengers Finals. Eight teams battling it out for a spot at the first ever International Valorant LAN in Iceland. Who will be the two teams representing NA? Our run began with a matchup against XSET, and the squad lived up to the hype as Daps clutched up with .2 seconds to spare en route to an easy 2-0 victory. Just like that, the squad was in the winners’ semifinals against Cloud9 one win away from the golden ticket. However, that’s where the magic faded. We ultimately fell to Cloud9, and dropped to the lower bracket, where despite some highlight reel plays from s0m against V1, we dropped the match and concluded our run in 5th/6th place. Seeing the boys’ performance at this high a level so quickly in their development, despite the loss, speaks to a very bright future for NRG Valorant.

NRG Apex Legends

NRG Apex has been competing in the GLL Masters Spring Series over the course of the last month. The team DOMINATED the event from the open bracket onwards, earning themselves a first place spot in the Semifinal a few weeks back, ultimately leading to the Grand Finals this past week. Over the course of two days the top 20 teams dropped into Worlds Edge and battled it out over 16 grueling games (one too many if you ask us :-). Day 1 was all NRG as the squad took home several wins, as the boys found themselves in prime position to bring home yet another trophy for NRG Apex. However, in day 2, the competition bounced back and made it competitive until the very final game. Nafen and co were having the games of their lives as they were seen meleeing the competition mid tournament. Still leading going into the final game, bad luck pulled the zone away from the squad and left us exposed. The boys went down too early, and despite leading wire to wire, were nudged out by TSM on the final point total scoreboard. A heartbreaker indeed.

That’s not all from NRG Apex though, as Lulu Lovely announced that she has re-upped her contract with NRG! We love Lulu and will continue to support her as she takes the APEX world by storm. Our Queen!. By the way, did we mention that Season 9 just dropped? There’ll be NRG content aplenty as this exciting new season progresses, so be sure to check out the NRG Apex Channel, where there’s tons of great content dropping every few days.

SF Shock

Heading into this week, the San Francisco Shock had a lot on the line. We needed to win both of our matches this weekend for the chance to advance to Regional Knockouts for the May Melee Tournament, which is being held in Hawaii.

Following our loss against the Houston Outlaws two weeks ago, the boys were finally back in action after a bye week. That last loss motivated the squad, so not only were we hungry for the win, we were angry. An angry Shock is a terrifying Shock, and we unleashed this fury upon the Mayhem on Friday, solidly rolling them and securing a sweeping 3-0 victory in incredibly efficient Shock fashion. We’d love to have more to say, but this match was a cut and dry speedrun.

On Saturday we faced the Atlanta Reign in a tense five-map series. After dropping the first map, the boys rallied and evened up the score on Volskaya with some heroic plays, such as Choihyobin lobbing his Graviton Surge from downtown to hold the Reign off the point. On map three, FDGod and Super shocked the world with this incredible boop into Earthshatter on King’s Row, completely obliterating the Reign. Unfortunately, we lost this map, but that just lit a fire in the boys, as we showed off our signature Shock aggression on Havana. After completing the map on attack with one minute left in the time bank, we held the Reign at their own spawn doors for almost two whole minutes before completely denying them at the first point, tying up the score 2-2. Heading into map five, you could see how much the Shock wanted this win, and with the help of some sick environmental kills from FDGod, we took the dub, securing our spot in the Regional Knockouts.

Unfortunately, Hawaii was not in the cards for us, as we were defeated 3-0 by the Dallas Fuel on Sunday. For some historical context, we have only been swept three times since the start of the 2019 season. It didn’t look like Shock Overwatch and we are sure the boys and Coach Crusty will figure out the meta and come back stronger in two weeks. Stay tuned ...

OpTic Chicago

The squad was back in action this week as they took on their league rivals, the Los Angeles Thieves. Despite Dashy trending on Twitter after doing the unthinkable with the FFAR, the squad lost a hard-fought battle 3-1 and moved to 2-1 in groups, where they will square off against the NY Subliners on Thursday. Eyes forward for the team as we look to make a statement in the Dallas Home Series in preparation for the Major. #GREENWALL

April 28, 2021

NRG Newsletter: April 28, 2021

NRG Valorant

Following last week’s open qualifier, NRG Valorant took the stage in the VCT Challengers 2 closed qualifier. The objective was simple: place top 4 in the closed qualifier to secure a spot in the VCT Championship this coming weekend with a trip to Iceland for the first international LAN in Valorant history on the line! Action began on Thursday when eeiu lined em’ up and sent BBG down to the lower bracket after a DOMINANT 2-0 victory, setting up a highly anticipated match with the Immortals to secure the coveted top 4 slot. The Immortals got off to a ripping start, dropping the boys on our own map pick. Things looked grim, but that is when NRG turned it up and turned it loose. Both s0m and Daps hit highlight-reel plays taking map 2 to even it up and pulling away in map three leading to victory and QUALIFYING NRG for the VCT Challengers Finals! While that’s where our run in the Closed Qualifier ended, we can’t wait to get back to it, as we begin our quest for Iceland against XSET on Thursday. It will be a defining weekend ahead for our young Valorant squad. Fingers crossed!

NRG Rocket League

With the Spring Split in the RLCS coming to an end, this past weekend we were treated to the third and final NA Regional. The matches kicked off on Thursday when the squad began their run through Group D, flip resetting on everyone in their path. NRG secured a 3-1 record in the group and moved onto a knockout round match against Version1. As the team entered action on Saturday, Version1 came to play, however, JSTN and the guys had a different plan. JSTN took over and dominated the game (as always) and secured the 3-2 win, earning NRG’s spot in Sunday’s playoff match.

Our playoff run began at a fever pitch as we squared off with Rogue in what was clearlly the most intense game-by-game, back-and-forth series of the weekend as JSTN 1v3ed Rogue into oblivion, setting up a semifinals matchup with Oxygen Esports. The semifinals was deemed “The Squishy Show” as he took over the match with reads like this, putting the squad back where they belong…THE GRAND FINAL.

Unfortunately, that’s where our luck ended, as we ran into our old friend Turbopulsa and EnVy and ultimately fell in a heartbreaking Game 7 despite some insane heroics from GarrettG. Back to the lab, and eyes forward for the all important upcoming Spring Major where we look to secure the number one overall seed heading into the RLCS Championship.

NRG Fortnite

In what has seemed like forever, NRG Fortnite was back in action with Week 1 of the FNCS Qualifiers. This time around only Benjy, Clix and Ronaldo were competing as Zayt retired, missing out on his first FNCS ever, and Edgey and Epik have both auto-qualified for the FNCS semifinals later this season based on their outstanding FNCS performance in the previous season. While the guys grinded it out and shook off some dust, we saw Benjy hit the clip of the weekend as all three of our guys secured a spot in the Week 1 Finals. However, we came up short of securing a spot in the semifinals, but fear not, we go again this coming weekend. In the meantime, check out the newest video of the guys as Clix bought his mom a new car ❤️

NRG Speedrunning

In case you missed it, the NRGFam just expanded. We’re super excited to announce that we’ve entered the speedrunning world with the addition of four brand new NRG creators.

Please welcome, EazySpeezy, PointCrow, LulKirbs, and Kosmic to the #NRGFam. If you haven’t seen it yet, please check out the awesome animated announcement video and subscribe to our brand new channel! Our first video with the guys drops tomorrow, you don’t want to miss it!

SF Shock

Coming off of a bye week, the San Francisco Shock have a busy weekend ahead of them with tons of meaningful Overwatch action. On Friday, we face off against the Florida Mayhem, and on Saturday we’re up against the Atlanta Reign and old coach Sephy. Both are tough matchups, but the boys are hungry for the win, as these match results will determine whether they will qualify for the Regional Knockouts. If the Shock squad wins both matches this weekend, they will move into the play-ins, where they will battle it out among the top six Western teams for one of the two coveted spots in the May Melee tournament In Honolulu in May. (yes, Iceland for Valorant and Hawaii for Overwatch. Lesssgooo!!!) A tense few days are coming up, but the team has been grinding hard and of course in “Crusty we Trusty.” Don’t bet against the Champs!

Other NRG News

You might have seen our announcement on social, but in case you missed it, The General® Insurance and NRG Esports have entered into an unprecedented new partnership in which NRG’s Rocket League team will be renamed “The General NRG” for all future competitive and non-competitive events. The partnership is the first-of-its-kind in North American Rocket League and goes into effect immediately. Keep an eye out for The General NRG branded jerseys that will first be seen during The General NRG’s next competitive event: Rocket League Championship Series Season X North America Major. And, keep an eye out for the Big Diesel himself, NRG co-owner Shaq O'Neal, who is on tap to help the rocket league boys announce this innovative partnership.

April 21, 2021

NRG Newsletter: April 21, 2021

SF Shock

For the first time in half a year, the San Francisco Shock were BACK IN ACTION. The revamped roster looked to shock the world as they took on the LA Gladiators and the Houston Outlaws this weekend. The team dropped their first map against the Gladiators, but after shaking off a little dust from the off-season, they rallied, and they didn’t look back.  From FDGod hunting DPS players to Viol2t DOMINATING on MCCREE (yes, you read that right, Viol2t played DPS), the Shock took over and DOMINATED the new Gladiators roster (and old friend Moth) in 3-1 fashion before a strong opening day audience on YouTube.

In Sunday’s matchup against the Houston Outlaws and our old coach Junkbuck, the Shock started off slowly, going 0-2 in the series before taking a tense back-and-forth map on Anubis. Enter map 5 and enter Striker! We were all left jaw-dropped when he showed off the coolest off-season find the Overwatch League has to offer… He shocked the world with this filthy  McCree spot, where he literally DESTROYED the Outlaws, forcing a tie-breaking sixth map. Unfortunately, map six wasn’t in the cards for us, and we dropped the series, moving to 1-1 on the young season. No worries in Crustyland, as the Shock have gone 1-2 to start the last two championship seasons. A Crusty team is a learning team. Crusty tinkers, the team adapts and then we dominate. Plenty of Overwatch left to be played, and we’re all for it. Patience is going to pay off this season as we get the ball rolling. We have an off week coming up, but in the meantime, get prepared for our next matches by picking up one of our very limited authentic SF Shock Long Sleeve Kits!

NRG Rocket League

Following the off week for the squad, NRG Rocket League jumped back into action as The Grid resumed Monday and Tuesday. As the boys battled through tough matchups against SSG, G2, and XSET, we saw some highlight-reel plays from JSTN and Garrett, securing first seed in The Grid mini-playoffs on Tuesday. Despite taking two games off of G2, they were too much as NRG ultimately concludes The Grid Spring in 3rd/4th place. Fear not! GarrettG and co will be back again soon, having already secured the #1 seed in RLCSX.

NRG Valorant

It was time for NRG Valorant to take the stage once again as Challengers 2 of the VCT began on Thursday. Last chance for NRG’s new look Valorant squad to progress in their quest for the first ever Valorant World Lan in Iceland this summer. The squad was in top form off the rip as they DOMINATED the early stages of the open bracket to the point where Android felt free to knife the enemy… From there NRG continued to roll as they eventually landed a matchup on Sunday with Luminosity (a top 10 team in NA,) with the winner securing a spot in the Main Event Closed Qualifier this weekend. Android and s0m took over the early rounds of the match and never looked back as the boys dropped LG on their way to a Top 10 North America ranking. More importantly, they also earned themselves a spot in the Closed Qualifier. We can’t wait for action to resume tomorrow, where we will face off against BBG as the road to Iceland continues.

NRG Fortnite

Following last week's action in LA, Clix, Ron, and the guys returned home, where they prepared for FNCS over the weekend. However, before the week could take off, Zayt took to Twitch to announce his next career move, stepping away from competitive play (again). We can’t wait to support Zayt in his journey as an NRG Content Creator. If you haven't, follow Zayt as he will be hosting watch parties for major Fortnite events, along with dominating the competition in Valorant on stream.

NRG Fortnite

Last week we told you we had more BIG announcements in store for the #NRGFAM. This week we delivered, announcing two new amazing partners!

Purple - We’re sooo happy to announce that Purple has joined the #NRGFam. The squad loves the Purple family of products and we're more than eager to raise their hand to participate in the slate of content and activations we have planned for 2021. And as a bonus: NRG got our own special Purple page on their website! Go give the guys a visit.

LEVI’S - To announce a partnership literally years in the making, we produced our own NRG-style ad for the company with the quality that never goes out of style. We’re ecstatic to partner with such an iconic brand and can’t wait to share what we have in store with Levi’s over the coming months.

April 14, 2021

NRG Newsletter: April 14, 2021

SF Shock

FINALLY! After 185 of the longest days of our lives, the San Francisco Shock are BACK IN ACTION. The defending world champs kick off with a doubleheader weekend, April 16th at 1:30 pm PT, taking on our former main support Moth and the Los Angeles Gladiators followed by a match-up with our old coaches and the Houston Outlaws on Sunday the 18th at noon pt on youtube. We can’t wait to show you how much hard work the guys have put in during the offseason in their quest for the elusive three-peat.

In the meantime, our social and content teams have been diligently working to bring all of you the best content Overwatch has to offer, like our new Emongg and Flats Overwatch League team tier list, (wonder who they ranked pre-season #1?), all building towards our Official SF Shock OWL game day co-streams!

Patience is going to pay off this weekend. Get prepared for the battle for the three-peat and pick up one of our very limited stock of new authentic SF Shock Long Sleeve Kits!

NRG Rocket League

Heading into the second NA Regional Event, the team was feeling great. Having been the first team in North America to qualify for the RLCS X World Championship, the guys looked to pick up where they left off after an undefeated week in the Grid. Action kicked off with JSTN doing JSTN things knocking in the pre-jump of the tournament on route to a 3-1 performance in Group Play. Next up the squad entered the Knockout Gauntlet, where we would face off against XSET for a spot in Sunday’s Playoffs. Despite it taking a little while to get the ball rolling, Squishy found form, hitting one of the best passes of the weekend as the squad completed the reverse sweep to move on to Championship Sunday.

Enter Sunday - 8 teams remained, all fighting for that second Regional Championship. The boys squared off against FaZe Clan for a spot in the semifinals. In a hard fought series, the guys clutched up when it mattered most as Squishy found the back of the net in a 3 minute overtime to secure our spot in the semifinals. Unfortunately, that’s as far as our Regional run would go, as the team took home 3rd/4th in the event. Fear not though, the guys are ready to take on the Grid next week as they are still sitting in first place in NA for the entirety of RLCSX.

OpTic Chicago

Unfortunately, Major II didn’t go as planned for the squad. After falling in the Winners Bracket to the eventual Champions (Toronto Ultra), we began our run in the Lower Bracket. Scump and crew took care of business against the Seattle Surge until ultimately falling to the Rokkr after a heartbreaking Game 5 Round 11 loss. There are no excuses from us, and this loss hurts, but it’s back to the drawing board with eyes forward. The guys are grinding and doing everything they can to ensure this doesn’t happen again. Together we stand, together we fall, together we are the #GREENWALL

NRG Fortnite

Clix, Ron, Edgy, and Epik made their way to LA to hang at the latest installment of our NRG Fortnite houses. And of course, with each new Fortnite house comes the house tour you were waiting for. Check out Grady and the boys in our latest youtube video.

Huge week for the org coming up. Shock Season 4, LA Fortnite videos, and some new partner surprises. We got you covered. #NRGFAM

April 7, 2021

NRG Newsletter: April 7, 2021

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NRG Rocket League

When we last spoke, the NRG Rocket League squad was on a roll, to say the least. Flawless play and a spotless record brought us to this week’s Grid set.  In two days of the Grid, GarrettG and Co. rolled through literally everyone who got in their way. We witnessed some amazing highlights from JSTN, Squishy and Garrett as they knocked off KCP, Soniqs, Rogue, V1, EnVy and FaZe consecutively, to move to a perfect 12-0 in Grid play. The team is on fire heading into this weekend's North American Regional Event where they’ll look for redemption after an early exit in the last Regional. Be sure to keep up with the squad as Day 0 matches begin tomorrow on our Mission Control Twitch Broadcast and follow NRG Current on Twitter to know when action kicks off. Let’s keep on rolling!

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NRG Valorant

NRG Valorant was finally in action this weekend as the VCT Stage 2 Qualifier 1 began. The fresh roster, composed of Tex, Android, s0m, eeiu, and Daps, kicked off on Thursday by easily defeating Mega Minors in vintage 2-0 fashion, setting up a match against Headshot Percentage. In crisp form, the squad took the series in a decisive 2-0. You can catch the highlights from this match on the NRG Valorant YouTube channel.

The boys kept in form on Friday, easily defeating Spacestation Gaming and setting up an exciting Top 16 matchup with XSET. Unfortunately, despite highlight reel plays from Android, s0m and eeiu, that’s where things ended as we dropped a heartbreaker 2-0.  We’re proud of the team for showing this much potential after only a week's worth of practice with the new lineup as we were literally a clutch or two away from moving on in the tournament. Eyes forward for the squad as they prepare for the all important Open Qualifier #2 next weekend!

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NRG Fortnite

The Fortnite off-season is in full effect as the guys continue to master the new season. In the meantime, the boys are in LA visiting the Castle - keep an eye out for some amazing content on TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, and the NRG Fortnite YouTube. You won’t want to miss what we have planned.

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SF Shock

Less than ten days away from the 2021 season, the team is in LA and living their best life. We’ve been sharing all of the best moments on Twitter, so be sure to follow or you might miss clips of Choi carrying Super (of course) or the guys just being guys. We’re excited to see the new roster meshing and we can’t wait to see that Crusty teamwork in action come the beginning of the season. As Viol2t showed us, we’re ready!

OpTic Chicago

Following last weekend’s lackluster performance, the #GreenWall needed to find form before heading into the second major of the season. On Thursday, Scump and crew squared off against Seattle, taking the series 3-0 and giving the entire team a much-needed confidence boost.

Heading into Sunday, all eyes were on OpTic as they took on their rivals the Dallas Empire. The series lived up to the hype when Envoy and Scump took over and absolutely popped off, taking the series in Game 5. Heading into the Major, the squad secured a spot in the Winner’s bracket, where they will square off against the Ultra tomorrow at 3:30 pm CT. #GreenWall