The boys are back on top! This past week, Sweet, Nafen and Gild battled their way through Storm Point and World’s Edge over two days of fierce competition in the Oversight Circuit Playoffs. Coming in at the eighth seed, the boys managed to fend off 19 other teams including the likes of TSM, Furia and Luminosity, and get their hands on the championship with a total of three first place finishes and a whopping 129 points. This is a great note for the team to end the Oversight Circuit on, as they now focus on making the final preparations for ALGS Playoffs in London on the 2nd of February. We can’t wait to see them play on LAN again, and fingers crossed for a repeat performance of last week’s dominance!

We are rapidly approaching the kick-off date for VCT LOCK//IN Brazil, and the NRG VALORANT boys have their nose to the grindstone. The squad is working their behinds off to squeeze as much prep in as they can before heading to São Paulo to participate in the very first Valorant Champions Tour 2023 event. We’ll be playing the very first match in VCT history against the European powerhouse team KOI, so be sure to tune in on February 13th!

In the meantime, make sure to check out our latest video over on the NRG VALORANT channel, where we had the guys play hide and seek in VALORANT, but with a twist: they can use infinite abilities with no cooldowns to avoid being killed by the seeker. Yes, this means unlimited Yoru clones to hide amongst ,and a maze of Sage walls to obscure themselves in. But we don’t want to give too much away, so go check it out for yourself!

As the off-season is coming to an end, we are excited to announce that MISSION CONTROL IS BACK! Join us back on NRG Mission Control as RLCS Winter Split kicks off on February 3rd LIVE on both the NRG Twitch and the NRG Rocket League YouTube Channel!

That’s not all the exciting news either - NRG is getting our very own custom goal explosion and player banner added into the game TODAY! Make sure to get yours and rep the #NRGFam in-game.

Long have we awaited: Sapnap is returning to the NRG Castle! Our charismatic Minecraft overlord (said with the utmost affection) will be making his return to Los Angeles, and we cannot wait to see the content that he’ll be making while here. Make sure to keep on NRG socials and the NRG YouTube channel so you don’t miss out!