Wow! The NRG + FSG Content teams have been working overtime this past month as January views clocked in over 286 MILLION, making it our highest viewed month EVER! Across TikTok, YouTube and social we’re gearing up for an amazing 2023 and hope to see you support the squads as we aim to pass our 2 Billion view mark we set in 2022!

After a thrilling week of action in São Paulo, Brazil for VCT//LOCK IN, NRG VALORANT is back home in sunny Los Angeles and back at work to prepare for the VCT Americas League which will start later this month! Be sure to follow along across all of social media channels to stay up to date with the VALORANT squad, including our NRG VALORANT YouTube channel which has new uploads weekly!

Also taking place at the NRG Hot Pockets Castle is our #NRGFam Watch Party for VCT//LOCK IN Grand Finals this Saturday, March 4th! Keep tabs on the broadcast to see our party featured on the big stage! We’re cheering for LOUD to represent the Americas & bring home the extra slot for VCT Masters!

All eyes on GarrettG, Squishy and JSTN as they enter the last Winter Regional Event of the season this coming weekend! The squad will be back LIVE on NRG Mission Control on both our Twitch and YouTube Channels this Friday at 10am PT as they look to battle their way through Group D! Be sure to tune in and bring your NRG because the guys need a Top 4 finish to Qualify for the Winter Major! We believe!

The last piece of the puzzle has arrived: last week we officially announced our signing of the O2 tank phenom, Junbin! This has been a long-awaited roster move since the Overwatch League lowered the signing age to 17, allowing many Contenders talent to enter into age eligibility. Junbin has already been pegged as a 2023 Rookie of the Year candidate, having won six Korean Contenders finals back-to-back since his career began in 2021. We’re looking forward to what he will be able to accomplish this year with the rest of the new look Shock. Keep your eyes on us, since we’ve got unfinished business and are gunning for that trophy.

NRG Fans LOVE TV and in our most recent Insights newsletter we looked at how over 66% of NRG Fans are more likely to discover a new show from a live stream! Did we mention that they’re watching more than 6 DIFFERENT SHOWS at any given time! It’s a fantastic and insightful read, so be sure to check it out and sign up today!