What can’t Sapnap do? Call him NRG co-owner or just Campeones! Sap outlasted 256 other Minecraft creators and influencers in the second ever, Squid Craft! The event was a massive success that took place over several days with a similar structure to the hit show, Squid Game! In an epic conclusion, in front of nearly 300,000 viewers (just on his stream!), Sapnap took home the victory and the $100,000 prize that came with it! Sap celebrated by showing the crowd the custom tee he made for the event with Campeones (Champion) embossed on the back as the tourney came to a close.

It was an exciting return to the battlefield for NRG Apex to begin ALGS Split 2! The trio of Sweet, Nafen and Gild took to World’s Edge and Storm Point for six matches against heavy hitters such as 100 Thieves, DarkZero and TSM, ending the first matchday in 5th place! Consistency was a major key to success, with the trio finishing top-3 in team eliminations. Next up for NRG Apex is action ALL WEEKEND LONG starting on Saturday at 4 PM PST with more matches Sunday at 4 PM PST!

With just a few weeks to go until the VCT Americas split begins, Chet and the rest of NRG VALORANT are locked in and ready to roll! In the meantime, NRG VALORANT Content is rolling on YouTube including our most recent VCT LOCK//IN Comms video where we highlighted our “instant classic” three game series with our Brazilian rivals, Loud! Go check that and our most recent video where we put VALORANT’s newest agent to the test as Ethos and Jollz took on 8 Gekko’s with unlimited abilities!

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