NEW SAPNAP VIDEO ALERT: Storyline: We buried Sapnap Alive! In the highly edited YouTube video, we challenged NRG Co-owner, Sapnap to speed run Minecraft. The catch, for every 5 minutes it took him to beat the game we’d add more dirt to the structure he was standing in! It is super high stakes and an entertaining video so check it out NOW!

IT’S TIME FOR VCT AMERICAS! LESSSGOOO!!!  NRG VALORANT is BACK and looking to build off a successful premiere at VCT LOCK//IN. Coach Chet leads s0m, Ardiis, FNS, Victor and Crashies into battle this coming Monday at 12pm PST LIVE from Riot Studios in Los Angeles as the squad is set to open the Regular Season against heavyweight Leviathan! And if you’re in LA, be sure to stop by the NRG booth at the pregame tailgate this Saturday and Sunday outside the venue!  We look forward to seeing everyone both there and at the NRG Watch Parties on Monday!

But wait there’s more …  today we officially welcomed Ethos to the VCT Roster as our 6th man! In the hilarious announcement video featuring Jollz, Willius, Chet and Victor, the boys put Ethos through the paces before letting him join the team! We’re excited for Ethos as he will continue doing NRG Content and be NRG VALORANT's official 6th man! #NRGFam

The end of the off-season is in sight!

This past week, the Overwatch League kicked off its pre-season Pro-Am tournament, in which amateur teams from the Overwatch Contenders scene competed against Overwatch League teams from the same region.

The new Shock squad made their debut, however we started off the Pro-Am tournament on shaky legs - playing at 5am on 180 ping from Korea will do that to you. Unfortunately we lost against the Florida Mayhem and Trick Room in close 1-2 matches on the opening day of the tournament. These losses only served to galvanize the boys however, and they bounced back during the next two matches, sweeping both Timeless and the Vancouver Titans in a dominant 2-0 fashion. Our overall map score allowed us to make it out of groups and secure a spot in playoffs, which is an impressive feat considering the ping disadvantage.

The boys have a week off next week as the other two groups battle it out, and will head into their next matches on Saturday April 8th. If this new Shock squad is able to accomplish this much on high ping, we cannot wait to see what wrath they will unleash upon the Overwatch League once they are situated in America.

NRG Continues to make moves this week as we officially welcome DXRacer to BOTH the NRG and Shock fam as our official gaming chair partner. The incredible announcement, featuring NRG VALORANT’s Chet, s0m, Willius, Jollz and Ethos was well received from the entire gaming community! We are super excited about our partnership with DXRracer as they’ve been in the gaming and esports industry for over 17 years! And to celebrate the launch of our partnership you can pick up the NEW Custom NRGFam and SF Shock chairs today for 10% off using code NRGFAM! They are pretty sweet if we do say so ourselves.