Today marks a major event in NRG's seven year history. We are thrilled to announce the acquisition of Madison Square Garden's (MSG) esports organization, Counter Logic Gaming (CLG). With this acquisition MSG will become a significant minority shareholder in the company and will also be joining our board.

Competitively, NRG will look to continue CLG's storied history in League of Legends by re-entering the North American League Championship Series. After a strong Spring split, we hope to build on the positive momentum of the team to qualify for the Summer split playoffs with an eye toward making Worlds. NRG will be keeping CLG's entire LCS and Academy infrastructure in place and look forward to working with all the coaches and analysts in the amazing Culver City facility.

We will be switching over the CLG brand to NRG when approved by Riot, but plan to honor the CLG history by developing new blue game day jerseys as well as maintaining CLG content channels. We know how much CLG means to many of you and are honored to pick up the mantle and energize the brand with our unique style of content and community building. We are here to win games, make memories and have a blast doing it.

To all the NRG fans who have been blowing up my DMs to re-enter League since I promised we would be back when we were relegated in 2016, promised kept!  And to all the CLG fans who are so passionate about their squad we welcome you all into the #NRGFAM.

NRG VALORANT started their season in the VCT Americas League on Monday with a tough match against Chilean powerhouse Leviatan. After a close opening loss on Pearl, 11-13, the team was unable to rally, falling 0-2 in the series. Victor led the way for NRG with 36 frags in the series, looking strong on both Viper and Killjoy. Next up for NRG VALORANT is a banger matchup against Sentinels on Sunday at 12pm PST, don't miss out!

The Shock are back in action this week! We're heading into the Pro-Am playoffs after fighting our way through the group stages all the way from Korea. After a shaky start with our first two matches, the boys focused up and soundly won both of the remaining matches in 2-0 fashion, securing our spot at the top of the group. The 180 ping warriors will be facing the Houston Outlaws on Saturday April 9th at 4:00pm PST, so make sure to tune in as we aim to advance our way to the Pro-Am finals.