Following last week’s 2-1 record, NRG League looked to keep the momentum rolling as they walked into a MASSIVE do-or-die week of matches to determine playoff teams for the Summer Split. First up FlyQuest, the team we could send packing and down their playoff hopes with one swift victory. The squad did not disappoint. The boys fell behind in early game action and then quickly brought down the hammer behind an unstoppable Palofax. Next up on the chopping block, Dignitas and Golden Guardians. Be sure to stay locked in on the NRG League of Legends Twitter account as the squad takes the stage later today!

NRG League has also released a brand new YouTube video, where we had Contractz go undercover as a Silver League of Legends Player! It was a banger so be sure to check it out!

It is time!  NRG Apex is live in London for the ALGS Split 2 Playoffs! Group Stage is underway, as Sweetdreams looks to prove he’s indeed one of the best IGLs in Apex as he leads Nafen and Gild into battle to take home the title they so richly deserve.

With the team back in town and gearing up for an eventful August as the VCT Champions Tour comes to Los Angeles, there’s no better time to celebrate our beloved squad than with the release of the long awaited fifth episode of the NRG VALORANT Docuseries, Bring the NRG. Take a look back at our VCT Americas Playoff run that secured the squad our Tokyo and Champs slots, and 2nd place in the inaugural season of VCT Americas.

The Shock are back for the second half of the season and the playoff run with some new (and familiar) faces. After a shaky first half of the season, the Shock will be re-debuting with a revamped roster. Ahead of this week’s matches, we bade farewell to our rookies Heesang and Vindaim. Heesang will be heading to his new team on the Vancouver Titans, where we are sure he will have a bright future ahead of him, whereas Vindaim will be entering the waters of free agency. We thank them for their time on the team, and wish them all the best!

Stepping in to fill their shoes will be ex-O2 Blast DPS player, Probe, who will be joining us as our latest recruit from our Contenders team. Probe has eight first place finishes under his belt on O2 Blast, and we look forward to what he can bring to the team. Rounding out the rest of the roster, and our back-line, will be Lukemino and Renko, hailing from Vegas Eternal and Illinois State University respectively.

And last, but not least.

Ever since Boston Uprising dropped Striker, Overwatch League fans have been saying that we could do the funniest thing ever, and we just couldn’t pass up the opportunity. That’s right, Striker has officially re-joined the SF Shock! Striker was a pivotal member of the Shock during our back-to-back championships in 2019 and 2020, as well as our playoffs run last year, and we are so excited to see him perform for the Shock Faithful once again in the back half of this season.