Gaming Talent Agency ‘Click Management’ in partnership with esports heavyweight ‘NRG Esports’ launch gaming lifestyle brand ‘Click’ - featuring gaming influencer house in the heart of Sydney, with over 28+ million followers worldwide.

Sydney, AUS - 18th September, 2018: Click Management, one of the world's leading gaming talent agencies has announced a partnership with NRG Esports, a global esports heavyweight with international teams competing at the highest levels in titles such as Fortnite, Overwatch and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. This first of its kind partnership will see the launch of ‘Click’, a collection of Australia’s largest gaming personalities and equally, some of the biggest social media stars in the world.

At the forefront of modern-day entertainment, the Click member’s include 7 top-tier Australian gaming influencers with a combined viewership of almost 700+ million views per month and over 28+ million followers across all social platforms. The Click launch roster features three of the top 10 most viewed YouTubers in the world for gaming, ‘LazarBeam’, ‘Lachlan’, and ‘MrMuselk’, as well as Australia’s most popular female gamer, ‘Loserfruit’.

Marking the first time something of this scale has been done in Australia with such a significant investment from a global organisation such as NRG Esports, ‘Click’ has launched with the reveal of the Click House based in Sydney, Australia - now one of the largest gaming houses in the world. The Click House will provide a new and immersive way for audiences to engage with original content through production of regular shows and podcasts to be broadcast across platforms including YouTube, Twitch and Instagram. The house will act as a social media incubator, growing gaming influencers into superstars with a collaborative creative effort to drive further mainstream reach and impact.

Click Management offers full-service management to the world's largest gaming influencers, focusing on building their individual profiles through strategy consultation and connecting them with relevant brands and products, to create bespoke marketing campaigns and content.

NRG Esports is one of the world's leading esports organisations founded by Andy Miller - former Vice President of Apple and co-owner of the Sacramento Kings. Led by the expertise of traditional sports and tech businesses with investment from the likes of Shaquille O'Neal, TIesto and Jennifer Lopez - NRG Esports brings to the table experience from the NBA and MLB, as well as business experience from industry titans.

Andy Miller, Founder & CEO of NRG says “This is the partnership we have dreamed about since starting NRG Esports in 2015. Click and their massive fan base and platform reach give NRG a lifestyle gaming brand to compliment our top tier professional esports teams. We have great plans in the works across video, podcast and globally distributed programming.”

Elliott Watkins, aka Mr Muselk says “This is an incredible opportunity to put Australia on the map in the global gaming scene. We’ve always been home to some of the most talented gaming content creators, and with Click we’ve been given the opportunity to take this to the next level.”

Emma Barnes, Founder & Director at Click say “ We’re thrilled to launch Click in partnership with NRG. Click will provide a range of original gaming skewed lifestyle content to appeal to hardcore gamers and casual fans alike, with some of the world's most popular gaming talent as well as acting as an incubator for future social media stars ”.

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