Last week was our first two match week of Stage 4 as we went up against the Shanghai Dragons on Friday and Dallas Fuel on Sunday. But before the serious business went down, old friend Babybay helped Super with his look for the Overwatch League Variety red carpet event last Tuesday. After a night of fun hanging with pop and TV stars, the boys were back on the grind to take on Stage 3 foe, the Shanghai Dragons.

The first map against Shanghai on Friday was as close as it gets, but with calm and purposeful play we managed to clutch out the win. From there, we rode the momentum with big plays including a huge barrage from Rascal and came out on top with a relatively easy 3-1 victory. With just a day between matches, our guys didn’t have a ton of time to reset, but they did take it upon themselves to make their own food in that off day… see the result here!

Then it was on to face the Fuel on Sunday. It's always a bad idea to plan a local watch party when you team is playing the Shock, and Dallas learned their lesson in short order on Sunday. This one was over before it began. Rascal and Architect popped off as expected and it was good to see our MVP candidates Sinatraa and Super come in for a couple maps to remind everyone how great they are in any format the league throws at us! Don’t forget to vote them your #OWLMVP’s!

An easy 4-0 match win against Dallas, Rascal’s former team, brings us to 4-0 in the Stage. Undefeated so far! With a playoff spot secure, now it’s all about seedings for stage and overall playoffs as we hit the halfway point of the final stage of the season. And remember, to get in on all this action in our home San Francisco Market next year, sign up here and be the first to know about the Shock’s 2020 schedule and tickets to be announced at the end of the month!


Nairo headed to Smash Con this weekend and sought to reclaim the title of champion he won back to back in 2016 and 2017. And Nairo went hard for it, competing in Brawl, Smash 4, and Ultimate singles AND doubles which made for some really long days!  Day 3 was where the real Nairo was unleashed in Ultimate Singles. 

Starting with Top 64, Nairo won two in a row to advance to the Top 16 Winner’s Bracket. After a CLOSE game against Marss, he won his next match in the lower bracket and moved on to Top 8. In some of the best Smash we’ve seen all year, Nairo’s journey ended in the Top 6, after he fought hard against but lost to the reigning EVO champ MKLeo. It was great seeing Nairo perform so well and and congrats to our Smash stud on his Smashies award for Best Comeback of the year!

unnamed (49).jpg


After the incredible success for us and Fortnite at the World Cup, things got back to a normal grind last week as Benjy took another crack at Friday Fortnite and came in clutch with some sick plays like this zipline scope. The real story though, was an almost unanimous opinion among the community about mechs in Fortnite as fans around the game all let their voices be heard around social media to remove them. The guys will be back in action at Fortnite Comps the next two weekends so stay tuned to NRG social for details!

Huge news on the Apex front too as they just announced that Apex Legends solos will be coming soon to the game. We are excited to see Dizzy and the boys rip it up!


Happy birthday to our own Grady, and also to 2/3 of the Rocket League team- JSTN and Turbopolsa! Those two will join GarrettG this weekend at the Rocket League Beyond the Summit in LA. Also, congrats to Benjy for 200K followers on twitter, and congrats to us on passing 700K followers on NRG Instagram!!!!!