A quick note to celebrate corporate milestones and our insane social growth in the month of July. NRG instagram (@NRGgram) grew by 150,000 followers in the 31 days of July. That is a bigger follower count than most orgs out there. NRG twitter saw 1.4M engagements on our timeline in July and NRG youtube had our first 1M view videos and added 36,000 subscribers. July also saw the completion of NRG's acquisition of brand partnership agency, Ader out of LA, and the close of the first round of our Series C financing. Wow. What a month! And now the highlights...


After announcing an exciting new sponsorship with Marvel Studios to promote Avengers: Endgame throughout Stage 4, the Shock got down to business looking to improve to 2-0 this stage. For the first time since Stage 1 of OWL 2019, we faced off against the LA Gladiators and we certainly had something to prove. Between the new 2-2-2 lock, forcing shakeup in our line-up, and the fact that the Gladiators gave us a rare taste of defeat early in this season, there were doubts we could win this match. But the Shock have shown they will do whatever it takes to win, and the stakes were high on Saturday as victory would clinch a top 6 playoff spot, a first round bye and a cool $200,000!

We dropped the first map but that just added fuel to the fire, because in map 2 we full held on Hanamura and proceeded to capture within the first minute! After halftime King’s Row was full of excitement as it went into overtime and each fight could be a map loss for either team. The Gladiators ended up taking Map 3, but a solid run on Havana took us to a deciding map 5 on Lijiang. In 2 impressive rounds the Shock boys secured the win and clinched Top 6 overall rankings and a first round bye for the playoffs to the Big Dance in Philly end of September.

And while the team fought hard in Burbank, our fans showed support in San Jose at the San Jose Earthquakes Gamer Night. Fans got to meet Nevix, play games on portable setups, and watch the Shock Match on the field on the big screen! We’d like to take a moment to thank all our fans for your support. Whether you’ve been with us from the beginning or have joined our family recently, you make all the hard work worth it! If you haven’t yet, make sure you join us when we bring these matches to Northern Californian next year. Sign up for more info on tickets for home festival matches for Shock2020!


Nairo and Hook went high rolling in Vegas at this year’s EVO.  Hook battled hard throughout the DBZ Tournament but came up short of his stated goal ending with a top 32 finish.  Nairo was once again a star among stars in the Smash community as he made his way around Mandalay Bay and as usual he put on a show for fans.  He made a deep run through the weekend but finished 17th, falling to rival Marss whom he deems “his kryptonite”.  No rest for the weary though as Nairo is back on the road for Smash Con in Virginia this week! Stay tuned to NRG Current for details!


Dizzy, Mohr, and Ace headed to the X Games Apex Invitational at the new US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis this past weekend to represent NRG. The event brought in the best players from around the planet for a pre-season warm up to a full competitive slate for Apex with the the boys taking 13th place. We are honored to have been chosen for this invitational and look forward to continued success in Apex.

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Happy 17th birthday to Mr. 1.2m Epikwhale! We hope you get yourself something nice with those winnings! Mr. Savage has a new creator code! Use code 200IQ in the Fortnite item shop for a discount. And finally, congrats to our former Smite player and NRG world champ Adapting on his engagement! Once #nrgfam, always #nrgfam!