NRG went for it in a major way last week. After cruising through the New Challengers and New Legends stages in the Berlin Major, it was on to the New Champions (Playoffs) stage for the very first time in NRG history! That’s right, after years of trying and often banging on the door, NRG CSGO was finally in a Major with a real chance to win it all. It has been a methodical build to get to this point with Stanislaw and Tarik coming on board this year to solidify the squad that featured Brehze and last year’s additions Ethan and Cerq. These 5 incredible players have indeed put the entire CSGO community on notice; NRG is no longer just one of the top North America teams, we have now solidified ourselves among the world’s elite squads with a proven ability to beat any team, any time. And to celebrate this achievement, we released new NRG stickers and this limited edition white jersey to kick off the weekend!

On Friday, we took on Navi with a top 4 spot on the line. The boys were on fire from the jump and Tarik went full nuclear as we took them down easily 2-0 and made our way into semifinals! The boys, were confident after that match (just listen to Stanislaw on stage) and with good reason as NRG had beaten both teams they could face in the semis already this tournament. We ended up taking on Astralis, the greatest CS team of all time, who ended up playing their best CSGO at just the right time as they took us out in the semis and went on to win their fourth straight major a day later.

The guys wanted even more, but this was not a disappointment by any stretch. You can hear the conversation about how respected we now are in every broadcast. You can see the adulation in our fan base at the event. And as of yesterday, NRG is now the #3 ranked CSGO team in the world! Congrats to our guys who we know will keep grinding until they get to #1!


WHAT A WEEK! From playoffs beginning to on sale for ShockFest2020 tickets to our very own Sinatraa being crowned the Overwatch League MVP, so much happened for the San Francisco Shock!

Before the playoffs began for the team, the Shock received one more individual award; the big one, as our own Sinatraa captured the Season 2 MVP award.  Not surprising considering how he played this year resulting in a #1 league ranking in damage and other categories, but still incredible considering how far he has come.  Remember, Jay “Sinatraa” Won was the “toxic” kid who was too young to play for much of the first season and struggled to live up to expectations when he finally got on stage.  All he did from there though was listen to his coaches, work with all his teammates, and grind as hard as anyone to be the very best player he could be.  It just turned out that he was good enough to be the best in the world too!  Congratulations Sinatraa, we could not be more proud of you!

As the team began the 2019 Playoffs we had some amazing stats to point to and a lot to reflect upon vs. this time last year.  But as we took the stage, with a new playoff meta we knew this would be a whole new challenge.  Especially with our first match against old friend BabyBay and the Atlanta Reign, who also went undefeated in stage 4 and had the advantage of another match in the new meta before playing us.  It was an intense game that went to game 7 and the energy on stage was matched by fans in Roseville who came out en masse for a Shockwaves fan club watch party hang out.  Both teams played their hearts out, and there were huge plays for the record books, but in the end we fell just short of stopping the Reign.  But this loss did not eliminate us from the playoffs, instead, it simply moved us into a tougher bracket.  

Next up we took on the defending Overwatch League champions, the London Spitfire, on Saturday. Things started shaky, but we bounced back in a big way.  London seemed to lose steam as we flexed our muscles and dominated each map. One of the best parts of the night was getting to see all ten Shock members on stage contributing to our 4-0 victory which knocked the defending champions out of the playoffs!  Now we turn our sights to the LA Gladiators this Thursday at 7p PT. Two more wins after that on Saturday and Sunday and our Shock are off to Philly for the Overwatch League Grand Finals on Sunday September 29.  It won’t be easy, but if this season has taught us anything, this squad is up to the challenge.

NRG Fortnite is certainly on top. After another incredible week, NRG now has the #1 ranked player in North America (Epik Whale) and Europe (Benjyfishy)!!! Both players won their respective Fortnite Championship Series this past weekend to help solidify that ranking with Zayt and Symfuhny getting top finishes too. This crew pulled in a cool $142k over the weekend. And as of today, EpikWhale, Benjyfishy, Symfuhny, and Zayt have all qualified for the Fortnite Champion Season Finals on Friday, September 20th!

Apex has its next big tournament this weekend with The Apex Legends Preseason Invitational in Poland. This tournament has the biggest prize pool in Apex history with $500,000 on the line. Stay tuned to NRG social for all the Battle Royale action this weekend!

Our Rocket League trio took to Dreamhack last weekend in Montreal. After a rough start we found our bearings and tore through our matches to reach the Top 8! We continued to dominate as we swept GC Aura in our next series, but in an exciting 7 game semi-final series, we fell to G2 in Overtime. The new look NRG RL squad has one win and one 3rd place finish under their belt in their first two tournaments together.


Please welcome our newest Clash Royale members, George and Boeufman!
And last but not least, please welcome a whole new game and team as we officially entered Gears of War last week! We are thrilled to call the winningest esports team in history (17 wins in 19 tournaments) Ashes, Sumuns, Praized, Mental, Solurs, and Xplosive our #NRGFam.