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What a ridiculous week to wrap up an impressive regular season for our Shock squad. The LA KitKat Rivalry Homestand at the Novo Theater in LA Live was the scene for our last 2 games of the stage and 2 watch parties around the Bay provided fun hangouts for passionate fans that couldn’t make it to LA. We came in looking to finish the regular season strong and complete our second undefeated stage of the season! But first, we had to face our season long rivals the Vancouver Titans on Saturday, and Smurf and Viol2t were ready. The Titans gave us a great fight, and the exciting match went to a map 5 after we tied the series on Havana. The boys turned that win into momentum and easily took the last map in 2 rounds to secure victory.

Just one more match to go and on Sunday it was time to defend the California Cup vs. the hometown LA Valiant. We couldn’t have asked for a more hype crowd at our watch party by Buffalo Wild Wings and Bud Light and by halftime we were already at match point with 2 map wins. After an easy win on Map 3 Nevix was summoned for Map 4. It was so great to see this amazing teammate finally on the stage again! As expected, we took map 4 as easily as the rest and completed the sweep which by the way meant the Valiant were knocked out of the playoffs in front of their hometown fans :). And with that, the second regular season of the Overwatch League came to an end.

The Shock finished the season with an incredible 23-5 record and led the league in Map Differential with a mindblowing +66 map wins. We were also the only team to make all 3 Stage Finals and the first (and probably last) team in Overwatch League history to complete a "Golden" stage with a 7-0 record and 28-0 map wins! We also have 2 of the top three vote-getters to date for League MVP and 3 of the 7 starters for the USA World Cup team in Super, Sinatraa and Moth. WOW! On to Philly!

Now we set our sights on the playoffs which begin for us against old friend BabyBay and the Atlanta Reign on Friday, September 6 at 7:00p.
In the meantime stay tuned to Shock social and your inbox for pre-sale offers for shock2020.com starting Wednesday, August 28 at 10a PT! We are stoked for the first event March 28-29 at Cow Palace and the second at San Jose Civic July 18-19. We will start by going out with full weekend packages for both events this week and will introduce single tickets and other promotions along the way. We always value your feedback so please hit us up with any thoughts or suggestions any time! ...And ...Buy tickets!!! Tell friends!!! Shock 2020 in the Bay!

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One of the truly fun things in this org has been watching how much Nairo has grown since he began his journey in Smash Ultimate. Even in just the last few tourneys, we’ve seen vast improvement in his play, and we saw it yet again this time at Shine. On Day 1 he and Samsora teamed up for doubles and finished 3rd. Then he set his sights on singles, securing Top 12 by the end of the day.

He had a heck of a climb if he wanted to win this thing, since he was fighting in the lower bracket. But he was hungry, and it showed. With a 3-0 on Leon and 2 reverse sweeps in a row against Tweek and Dabuz, Nairo faced Marss, one of his toughest opponents to date. In a dominating performance he swept Marss 3-0, proving to himself and everyone that he is absolutely at the top of the Smash scene.  Unfortunately Nairo did not get a break between sets, and after playing that amazing but draining match against Marss, MKLeo ended Nairo’s run at Shine in the very next match at 3rd.  We’re super proud of the work he’s putting in, and the way he always grinds and always makes time for fans.  More victories are soon to come!


The CS team is in Berlin for THE Major. After a rough start where they fell to team Dreameaters, the CSGO guys woke up in a big way. On Day 2 they went up against Tyloo in a Best of One where we saw how incredible Cerq’s AWP flicks are. We took that map as well as the next against Syman, which meant there was only one match left in order to qualify for the next stage of the Majors journey: New Legends. In a Best of Three format vs Avangar we dominated, not allowing the enemy team to get into the double digits for a clean 2-0 sweep. Now the big step is qualifying for the big stage, coming up later this week! We are confident heading in as Stanislaw and Tarik have truly rounded out this group, and check out the player of the match stats for Ethan over 2 games! Stay tuned to NRG social for all the action this week!

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The perfect weekend for NRG was capped off by our insane Fortnite squad. Symfuhny & Snood as well as Zayt & Saf each played in the Twitch Rivals duos tournament as Symf’s team took home $5k for a win in match 3, and Zayt’s team took 3rd overall, winning nearly $8k! Savage and Benjy were also doing work in their solo tournaments last week, and Benjy competed in trios as well. Along with Mitro and Mongraal, Benjy got a 42 elim win, and for the second week in a row, they finished #1 in Europe! Benjy has now qualified for the EU Finals and Zayt and Symfuhny for NA East. And our latest signing, EpikWhale, qualified for the NA West finals after his #2 finish in trios! In all, our guys brought in a cool $183k this past weekend and put themselves in position for a lot more down the line! #NRGONTOP!!!