Let the play-ins begin! Last weekend the Overwatch League post-season play-in officially commenced with a simple objective: win three, and book your tickets to playoffs in Toronto. Our first play-in match was against the London Spitfire, and despite a strong start winning on Control, the Shock boys faltered on the next map and ultimately failed to regain their momentum, falling 1-3, and placing us in the lower bracket.

Shock is no stranger to the lower bracket though; from their legendary run through the 2020 playoffs, to their run all the way to finals last year, the Shock have always managed to capture lightning in a bottle and perform miracles under pressure. The team is hard at work preparing for our next match against the Vancouver Titans on Saturday, so make sure you tune in and show your support.

It’s always #WINNABLE.

Another year of Apex Legends action is officially in the books. The trio of Sweet, NAFEN and Gild traveled to Birmingham, England this time around for the 2023 Year 3 ALGS Championship, finishing officially in 15th Place.

Action from the World Resort Birmingham started last Wednesday, as our trio started off red hot in the Group Stage. With another ticket booked to the Winners Bracket, the team experienced their first bump in the road with a 15th Place finish in the quest to qualify straight through to Sunday’s grand finale. Unfazed, the team rebounded quickly in a final elimination lobby, racking up a back-to-back pair of match victories and a 1st Place finish in a nice tune up for Sunday’s main event.

In the grand finale, however, the team struggled to find their footing in the final circles. Despite picking up a crucial match victory to deny OpTic Gaming the sole team on match point (arguably the highlight of the tournament), it was TSM who would find a way to win with the NRG squad fading over the final few matches.

Regardless, NRG were able to reach the grand finals of every single Year 3 LAN in ALGS play, only one of a select few who can claim that honor. We are extremely proud of our team for their efforts all year long and shout out to the NRGFam who supported the team in chat!

As Worlds looms ever closer, the NRG League boys are packing their bags and heading off to Korea for a month-long gauntlet of training bootcamps leading up to the main event! This will be NRG League’s first time at Worlds, as well as the first time for our players Dhokla and Palafox, and we are beyond excited to see what comes out of this journey.

The start of fall means the start of football season, and we're back with a new NRG Audience Infographic. This month we looked at how esports fans balance their love of football and gaming by using a second screen to watch every kick-off. We spoke directly to the fans and also learned that 4 out of 5 esports fans are excited for the start of football season, and they are 32% more likely to be watching the NFL vs. the general U.S. population.Check out the full infographic and all the insights from our football research at nrg.gg/insights.

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