NRG APEX is ready to take on the biggest event of the year for ALGS! The trio of Sweet, Nafen and Gild began group stage play Wednesday at the World Resort in Birmingham, England as 40 teams battled for Championship glory in Apex Legends!

NRG landed into the map and made an immediate STATEMENT, racking up 20 kills en-route to an opening match victory. Through Day 1 of the competition, the trio sits comfortably among the top contenders on the leaderboard in 2nd Place with 91 points.

Poised yet again for another Winners Bracket run to Grand Finals, NRG continues play tomorrow beginning at 6:30 AM PT. Each day of the competition is an early start for the Americas, so stay tuned to NRG’s social channels for the latest updates on broadcast times!

Last Sunday's Shock match was the final match of the 2023 Overwatch League regular season, and boy, did the boys put on a show. Despite analysts predicting a quick 3-0 in Reign's favor, the boys took the match the full distance with a 5-map banger of a series.

It was not looking good for the boys when the first two maps went the way of the Reign, however the Shock squad buckled in and gave the Reign as good as they got, locking in two consecutive decisive map wins and what looked like the start of a reverse sweep. Unfortunately we failed to close it out on the final map, ultimately falling 2-3. This was not how we wanted to end the regular season, however taking the Reign down to the wire is nothing to scoff at. The boys were able to show that they could hold their own against the top team in the League, which bodes well for the upcoming play-in matches this weekend.

This final match closes out our record at 9-9, and the last time an NRG team went even in the regular season, they went on to become LCS Champions…

We also want to give a huge shout out to our Bay Area Shock Fam who SHOWED UP last Sunday to our last watch party at the Academy of Art. We almost filled the venue to capacity, and it was amazing to get to meet fans in person, both familiar faces and new friends. It's truly special having the ShockFam in person every week during our watch party series, and this season would not have been the same without you.

LCS may be over for the year, but the content train never ends here at NRG. The NRG content team has been cooking up some bangers with the League boys, with our video of Dhokla pretending to be in silver rank with a Fiverr coach hitting 50k views on YouTube, and our TikTok video of Dhokla and Contractz memeing every League of Legends duo reaching 380k views. It's been exciting to tap into a new audience and we're looking forward to bringing more content that the League of Legends community clearly craves in the future.

The start of fall means the start of football season, and we're back with a new NRG Audience Infographic. This month we looked at how esports fans balance their love of football and gaming by using a second screen to watch every kick-off. We spoke directly to our fans and also learned that 4 out of 5 Esports fans are excited for the start of football season, and they are 32% more likely to be watching the NFL vs. the general U.S. population.

Check out the full infographic and all the insights from our football research at

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